Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience to Keep Them Coming Back

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In this episode

Today we're talking about customer experience and how you can use it to create referrals. Our guest today is Ramona Rice, founder and CEO of Spapreneur.


Ramona is an expert in customer service and customer experience. She brought her expertise to the podcast to share how you can create referrals by focusing on your customers' experience.


In this episode she covers:


  1. How you can use customer care to build a reputation for your business and get customers coming back for more.
  2. The importance of customer service when it comes to making sure that your customers are happy with their experience with your company.
  3. What it means to have a great customer experience from start to finish.

Questions answered

  1. What are common themes that run through a customer retention business?
  2. What are good customer service practices to bring into your business?
  3. What do customers expect from your business?
  4. How to set customer expectations versus enticing your customers with reputation marketing.
  5. How to understand your business’s reputational strengths and weaknesses.

"You must must make sure that the customer understands the expectations of what they're going to get for that price. And if they don't, you need to have that conversation with them. Or you need to look at your marketing, look at the way you onboard clients to make sure they understand.”

Key takeaways

  • Accepting some vulnerability when relinquishing some control of your business.
  • Best practices for setting your customer expectations properly.
  • Tips on how to consistently get 5-star reviews.

Today's guest

Ramona Rice is the CEO of Spapreneur, a consultancy company for independent day spa owners. Spapreneur's focus is to help businesses find great profits and success without sacrificing client care.


Ramona has extensive experience in project management, marketing, and sales. She believes that by helping businesses understand how to attract and retain both great clients and team members, they can build sustainable businesses with long-term success.