How To Use Reputation Marketing For Recruiting Top Talent

Use your company reputation to improve your recruitment marketing


How long have you spent trying to find the right people to join your team?

Woof. Probably too long.


But, it's worth it.


So worth it that many businesses invest in recruitment marketing.


What is recruitment marketing?


Recruitment marketing is the activity of marketing your company’s brand and culture to attract and retain employees.


Many recruitment-marketing strategies involve communicating a company’s brand story to prospective employees to make the business look like an appealing place to work.


Given how important hiring good talent is for your small business, it’s helpful to improve your recruitment-marketing plan any way you can.


This is where using your company’s reputation comes in handy.


Because just as marketing your services is more effective when you  can back up your claims with reviews and testimonials, the same principle applies to recruiting employees.


That’s why I wanted to introduce you to a little known way to attract top recruits. Enter reputation marketing.


How does reputation marketing help with recruiting?


If you aren’t familiar with this term, reputation marketing is using social proof signals (like reviews) to make positive aspects of your reputation transparent and visible. This will help convert leads into customers.


One way to help recruit awesome employees is to make reputation marketing a part of your recruitment-marketing plan.


To do this you can use your social proof signals like reviews and feedback from others to promote your company’s reputation to anyone who might be a good hire.


Here we’ll explore a couple of ways you can leverage one of the greatest aspects of your business—your reputation—to welcome top talent.


How to use your reputation in a recruitment-marketing strategy


Using reviews from customers to hire good people


Using your customer reviews can be an effective way to show potential hires that they can have an impact through their work.


By showcasing reviews from happy customers, it highlights that your business does quality work and offers top-notch customer service. It also shows that people in the community appreciate and value what your business does.


People searching for a job are looking for a paycheque, yes. But, they will also be happy to know that working for your business also means their contributions will be valued.


Using reviews from happy customers also shows new recruits that people trust your business and are satisfied with the service you provide. This allows new hires to feel more comfortable knowing that there are people out there who vouch for you as a reputable business.


Using reviews from current employees to attract new hires


It’s worthwhile to ask your current employees for a testimonial about working for your company. It is very compelling for future hires to see what other employees think.


Seeing that others are satisfied with you as their employer sends an excellent signal; this shows future hires that your business is credible, trustworthy and a downright great place to work!


Promoting your “top-rated” reputation for recruitment marketing


If your company is top-rated in your service area, you can leverage your average star rating as proof of being a well-established and high-quality company.


If you are going to actively recruit people, there’s a greater chance of success if you leverage reputation marketing via your stellar reputation. This may even be an incentive for people to leave current positions or cross industries in order to work for you.


Where to use reputation marketing to attract new hires


1. Use reviews in your ads


Using reviews in your ads is a great way to get your reputation in front of new hires. If you can select a review that speaks to the quality of your business, and shows a photo of your work, team or happy clients, you will be in a good position to leverage your reputation to attract future recruits.


2. Market your reputation on your careers page


You should definitely showcase testimonials from current employees on your careers page on your website. Here is an example of a review we have on the NiceJob careers page.


Screen shot of an employee's review of NiceJob


3. Share reviews on social media


Sharing posts to social media lets your network know that you are hiring. By using reviews in your recruiting posts, you can highlight the best attributes of your reputation and go the extra mile to show why someone would want to work for your business. Adding reviews to your “we’re hiring” posts will help any potential candidates see that your business is reputable and worth applying to.


4. Share reviews to job-search sites


Sharing reviews to job search sites, like Glassdoor, Adzuna or LinkedIn, is far and away going to help your recruitment efforts. Whether the reviews are from happy customers or happy employees, anyone looking for work on a job-search site will take note of your solid reputation. It looks good! And people want to work for reputable employers.


5. Activate your business advocates and and fans for direct recruiting


If you have customers in your corner who you know will advocate for your business, they may be willing to spread the word about your open position(s). If you have a strong reputation and good rapport with your customers, they will only have good things to say about your company and let potential hires know why working with you would be a good career choice.


Now use your reputation in your recruitment-marketing plan to hire great staff!


I know hiring the right people is no easy task, made more complicated by the fact that it’s so critically important to your business success.


But if you leverage your reputation to market your business, your recruitment efforts will be more successful. Good luck!