How to Grow a Small Electrical Business and Win More Sales

5 Electrical Contractor Marketing Ideas to Dominate Your Region


Marketing for electrical contractors is important for building your brand and promoting your reputation in today’s competitive market.


Whether your electrical contractor company offers corporate or residential services, how you promote your brand, your expertise and your customer service matters for winning sales.


You need to differentiate yourself from local competitors because the average customer assumes most certified electricians all more or less know how to do the job.


That’s why it’s essential to execute well on electrical marketing solutions. Your ability to sell your services translates directly into revenue.


And the coming years will bring even more business opportunities to local electrical companies.


Did you know that job demands in the U.S. for electricians will climb 9% by 2030? That’s partly due to a growing construction industry and new upcoming technologies.


To keep up with expanding demands from homeowners and industry, it is important to have a strong plan for electrician marketing in place.


We’re here with the 5 best electrician marketing ideas to grow your small electrical business!


Marketing Challenges of Growing Your Small Electrical Business


Before jumping into electrical marketing solutions, what are some of the typical pain points electrical companies have marketing their business?


The marketing challenges of service businesses include promoting how you empathize with customers to prove your reputation and how you can market your amazing employees.


It’s one thing to get trained, obtain the right equipment, become certified and hire skilled dispatchers—but none of these things set you apart from your competitors.


You have to demonstrate that your brand and your employees care about customers, provide amazing experiences and are reputable in your community.


And promoting a service is more difficult than selling a product. People can easily compare what they can see and touch, but how can they do that with electrical services?


This is why if you’re not optimizing your electrician digital marketing, you’ll struggle to gain market share.


It’s crucial to become discoverable online, actively find new potential customers and show off how amazing your brand & your people are.


So let’s dig into these electrician marketing ideas to help you achieve these goals!


The 5 Best Electrician Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business


  1. Update Your Website to Generate More Leads

  2. Use Google Local Services Ads

  3. Get Customer Reviews

  4. Create an Electrician Marketing Business Plan

  5. Offer Amazing Customer Service

1. Update Your Website to Generate More Leads


Optimizing your website helps win more leads for local electricians because it impacts how potential customers think of your brand and whether they contact you.


Think about it, most people who need an electrician will search “electrician near me” online; without a great website, you’re leaving hordes of money on the table.


And once you have a website, you can optimize it further based on data to see what’s working and what’s not.


For example, you can analyze which webpages bring in traffic to hone in on your high-performing content with Google Analytics for small business.


And your website’s not only necessary for people to find you but it needs to be compelling enough to turn visitors into leads. This is why you need a lead-generating website.


The hallmarks of a lead-gen website include writing copy that converts, being bold with your branding and answering people’s questions—and you don’t have a lot of time!


In fact, it takes 50 milliseconds for visitors to judge your company based on your website.


Make sure you get your headline above the fold right. “Above the fold” is a term taken from the newspaper industry; it’s the first part of a front page that readers see, above the folded crease.


For websites, “above the fold” is what’s visible on a screen before users scroll down. People will instinctively scan your main headline’s sentiment almost instantly.


Don’t merely say you offer the “Best Electrician in Scranton, PA!” Instead, write something like, “Voted #1 Electrical Business in Scranton” followed by customer testimonials for proof.


Trust us, your website conversions will skyrocket!


Banner promoting lead-gen websites for small electrical businesses.


2. Use Google Local Services Ads


Local Services by Google is a pay-per-lead advertising platform with no obligations or sign-up expenses, designed exclusively for small businesses.


And guess what? Electrical companies qualify for these types of advertisements!


Why do we love Google Local Services ads and you should too?


A pay-per-lead platform means it only costs you money when you receive a lead.


This changes the game from the regular Google Ads platform, which charges per click.


With traditional digital ads, businesses pay when users click on an ad, regardless whether they’re a good lead or not, let alone if they become a customer.


But with Local Services ads, you only pay when you receive the contact details of a person specifically looking for an electrician. Not too shabby, eh?


Google even qualifies people before charging you by verifying they’re located near you and are indeed seeking the kinds of electrical services you offer.


How does it work? Whenever users search for an electrician in your area, Local Services ads display at the top of the page.


Screenshot of Local Services ads from Google for small electrical businesses.
Examples of Local Services ads for electrical businesses.

If they click on your ad, they’ll give their postal or zip code, fill out their contact info and will clarify what type of electrical service they need. If it’s a match, you get the lead—it’s that simple!


Utilizing Local Services ads ensures that your business is “Google Guaranteed” with proper certifications.


This promotes your reputation and gives customers peace of mind. In short, Google Local Services are a win-win for everybody!


3. Get Customer Reviews


Ever wonder why customer reviews are important? For one thing, 90% of potential customers think reviews are more important than a sales pitch, so it’s crucial to get more reviews.


Not only do they help you win more sales but they increase your online presence with Google Business SEO and are used for Local Services ads.


Plus, you can show off feedback from customers as social proof reviews by adding reviews to your website or in advertisements to promote your reputation.


Leveraging customer reviews across your Google Business Profile, social media and your website will give you a competitive advantage.


With a good reputation, reviews increase your revenue, conversion rates and your customer relationships. Reviews are like the best kind of free advertising!


Banner promoting software for a small electrical business to get more customer reviews.

4. Create an Electrician Business Marketing Plan


When executing on electrical marketing solutions, don’t rush into any idea without due diligence or a strategy in place that’s connected to your larger business goals.


Do the legwork and develop a marketing plan for small business to assess your current business standing, compare yourself to competitors and understand your target customers.


Ask yourself how your electrical services can connect with potential customers better to finetune your electrician marketing strategy and really see sales soar!


When developing a plan, take into account how you can model yourself after larger contracting companies to become the kind of business you want to be.


Find a mentor, or ten, who does what you want to do. Shadow them to learn from their achievements and mistakes.


Mentors can advise on what to do and what to avoid when trying to grow your small electrical business, saving you time and money.


Finding a mentor isn’t only for those with strong networks. Follow experts who write blogs about how to grow an electrical business and listen to the best small business podcasts for inspiration.



5. Offer Amazing Customer Service


In addition to reviews, customer feedback from your electrical company’s service skills is central to your success.


Customer feedback tells you what to improve and helps you reduce costs & increase revenue.


Providing great customer service retains customers and encourages them to refer your business to others. Without outstanding customer service, your marketing plan is dead in the water.


Leverage your ability to customize solutions.


You know electrical circuits better than anybody. Don’t simply say you’ll upgrade panels or install landscape lighting; tell a story about how you’ll put customers at ease.


Offering personalized solutions provides your electrical business a competitive edge. Showcase your ability to design custom solutions and you’ll impress customers left and right.


And keep in touch with customers. You more easily retain customers when they need followup or future electrical work when they remember you.


Calling or emailing customers to ensure they’re satisfied can help you learn where to improve your business and show your customers you care.


Staying in touch with customers and even offering incentives like discounts is key to referral marketing for electricians to get additional work from your customers’ friends and family.


Focus on What Works Best for You to Grow Your Electrical Business


Your plans to grow your electrical business are equally important to what it takes to start one, so don't forget to identify your strengths and recognize what works best for you.


It may seem demanding, but we hope our guide can help you get started.


Making the most of the electrician marketing strategies mentioned above will ensure more customer engagement, strengthen your local prominence and keep you ahead of competitors.