Google My Business Now Easier to Use in Search and Maps

What You Need to Know for Online Reviews, Performance Reports and New Editing Features


Are you trying to grow your local business and feel overwhelmed? Too many complex platforms to manage your customer reviews and business information?


Google has updated its interface for editing your Google My Business profile to make it easier to optimize your digital presence.


Now account managers can edit their business information, create posts with photos and reply to online reviews directly in Search and Maps.


There’s also a new “Promote” button to view reports about how your company’s profile is performing on Google Search and Google Maps.


So how does this all add up for your company’s reputation marketing?


Why Google My Business Is Important for Review Marketing


First, let’s look at the importance of Google My Business for collecting reviews for your small business and how it impacts your company’s reputation.


Google My Business is the online platform where customers find and interact with your business online and write Google reviews about your company, whether you have a single location or multiple locations.


Google is one of the major players in online-review management and for good reason. It’s the largest search engine by a mile and Google accounts for 57.5% of all online reviews worldwide.


With so many customers deciding whether to hire your local business based on Google reviews, optimizing your Google My Business profile is key.


Plus, Google reviews influence search rankings for your website and provide social proof to help promote your local company. Simply put, Google My Business is essential for online reputation marketing.


What’s New in Google My Business: A Look at How GMB Updates Can Increase Your Sales


So what exactly are these Google My Business updates and how can you use them to more better manage your company’s online reputation and win more customers?


Now managers of Google My Business profiles can access and edit any details directly in Google Search or Google Maps. (Apple also made recent changes in early 2023 that allow you to do this with Business Connect.)


This change enables Google users to update their business information, view engagement metrics, publish posts or send quick replies to Google reviews from customers.


As Google said of the changes:


When it comes to your business’ online presence, putting your best foot forward matters. And with more than 15 million edits made to Business Profiles each month, we know how important it is to quickly make changes so your business information on Google is engaging and up to date—from adding a phone number to sharing COVID-19 safety requirements with customers.

Google wants to help small businesses engage with customers online in a convenient and effective way. So let’s dive into exactly what kinds of updates Google implemented.


How Do I Make Quick Edits to My Google My Business Profile?


First, you have to log in to your Google account while using Google Search or Google Maps. If you use Gmail, the Chrome browser or an Android device, you’re likely already logged in by default.


Next, you must have manager's access on your account. You also need to verify your Google My Business profile with Google through phone or a postcard.


Setting up your Google My Business profile is essential to collecting online reviews from customers.


It's also necessary for using NiceJob’s reputation-marketing platform. Check out our resource on how to set up, verify and optimize a Google My Business profile if you still need to go through these steps.


In Google Search, type your business name and you should see the new options appear at the top of your screen. You don't even need to log in to your Google My Business profile via a separate interface.


5f57f6fd5de68e5156e6c1c7_Google My Business Edit Changes



If you click on “Edit Profile,” you can edit your business information, alter your hours of operation and add photos to share about your local company.


5f57f73ab20d83799ba6172c_Google My Business Edit Profile Changes



And with the “Promote” button, you can view performance metrics about customer interactions with your company’s online business profile or add events or special offers.


5f57f77d35cbf6e9abf6130f_Google My Business Promote Changes


How Do I Reply to Google Reviews in this New Google Search Interface?


From the same screen, click on the “Customers” link from within Google Search whenever you’ve searched for your company name while logged into Google.


A popup will appear to view and respond to Google reviews, plus answer any questions customers may have asked online.


5f57f7f3dbbfffc114e87fb5_Google My Business Customer Changes for Reviews



Google has also added the above features into Google Maps as well, but only for mobile devices.

When in Google Maps, click on your profile image on the top-right of the screen and select the dropdown option labelled “Your Business Profile.”


Responding to Online Reviews With NiceJob


Replying to Google reviews is essential if you want to win more business and grow your local service company.


According to statistics, 82% of all potential customers read online reviews of a local business before making a commitment. 


And a whopping 97% of those potential customers who look at online reviews also read a company’s review responses.

You can reply to Google reviews and Facebook reviews as well in the NiceJob app. Plus, advanced functionality empowers you to take your review game to the next level and set you apart from your competition.


NiceJob’s reputation-marketing software automatically collects reviews for your business and distributes reviews across your marketing channels so you can share success stories with your fanbase.


How Do These Google My Business Updates Impact NiceJob?


If you use NiceJob—you don’t have to worry about a thing! NiceJob integrates with Google My Business to gather, post and share reviews and customer stories. Now you can get the reputation you deserve.


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