Selling Your Small Business's Services in 6 Steps

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In this episode

This week, we're talking about how to sell your business’s services better. Our guest is Curt Kempton, founder, and CEO of ResponsiBid, a platform that helps small businesses automate their sales and marketing strategies.


We'll talk about the questions you should ask yourself when deciding what to offer for sale, how to make sure your product or service is worth paying for, and how to find out what customers want.


Curt will also share some helpful tips for getting started and make sure you’re not wasting your time.

Questions answered

  1. How to come up with sales solutions that bring up the competition?
  2. How to deal with sales misinformation at a value scale?
  3. What’s a good follow-up sales strategy?
  4. What happens when you don’t follow up with a customer?
  5. What are some sales and marketing strategies that will make your competitors scared?
  6. What do responsible, genuine, and reputable companies do?
  7. How do you ensure your customers feel gratified?

“I encourage people to think about what is your promise that is special? And what is the promise that your competitors dare not make? Because the better your promise, and the easier it is to keep, the more than likely it is that your competitors will want to make that promise to.”

Key takeaways

The 6 key steps to better sales:


  1. The feeling your company conveys.
  2. Understanding what your promise is to the customer.
  3. Locking your integrity and separating yourself from slimy sales guys.
  4. Contrast.
  5. Follow up as a sales and marketing strategy.
  6. Gratification.

Today's guest

Curt Kempton is the Founder and CEO at ResponsiBid, which offers home service providers a platform that helps them close more deals faster. Using ResponsiBid, you can get more clients by showing your competitive rates in the search results, close more deals by getting personalized quotes from your customers' neighbors, and make more money by getting paid faster.


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