How to Use Reputation Marketing to Amplify Your Customers’ Voice and Turn Them Into Positive Reviews

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In this episode

Today's episode is all about reputation marketing and customer-driven growth. Our guest is Barry Moltz, and he'll be talking with us about how you can use these two things to help your business grow and thrive in a way that feels organic and authentic for your customers and your company.


We're going to talk about how to amplify your customers' voices to build your reputation and how this will help you turn around negative reviews into positive ones and even convert negative reviewers into raving fans!


We'll also discuss organic reviews, including how they work, who should be reviewing, where those reviews should go (and why), and what it takes for them to build trust with potential customers effectively.


And finally, we'll discuss video testimonials: why they're so important for businesses today; why they should always be shared on social media; how often they should be shared (or not); what makes them so effective at converting new customers into repeat clients; and much more!


Questions answered

  1. The cyclical nature of reputation marketing, and how it will always change your business.
  2. What's changed in the world of influencers and how it impacts customer driven growth.
  3. If you have 30 reviews and some of them are bad, did the company do anything about it?
  4. The problem that most small business owners don't pursue as a marketing strategy to get these reviews.
  5. How virtual testimonials affect reputation marketing.
  6. How current customer experience look like in a self-serve world?


“If you turn around a client from a negative to a positive, they’re gonna tell that story much more than if they’ve just had a good time.”

Key takeaways

  • Barry's experience in hotels, and how subtle changes had a larger impact.
  • Barry mentioned how critical it is to ask for reviews but with opinions able to be shared so quickly.
  • Barry talked about how customers nowadays are looking as much for how you turned a bad customer into a good customer or a bad experience into a good experience.


Today's guest

Barry is a small business expert, speaker, author and business coach. He helps small businesses get unstuck by providing sales, marketing, customer service, and finance solutions for their businesses.


Barry Boltz