Sid Graef and Spectrum Window Cleaning

Sid Graef
Sid Graef & Spectrum Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Missoula, MT
Time joined NiceJob
August 24, 2018

Sid Graef had such quick success with NiceJob, he filmed a YouTube review video right after he signed up! (Watch his review here: We sat down with Sid to learn more about the power of reviews, and his experience collecting them using NiceJob! :)

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The Power of Customer Fan Reviews

Ever heard the phrase: "A happy customer is a repeat customer"? Even if you haven't, if you own a business, you know the power of this statement. 

As the owner of Spectrum Window Cleaning, Sid Graef is no stranger to the importance of happy customers. Sid also knows that these customers can often become his biggest fans, spreading word of his business beyond themselves to their friends and family. 

Word of mouth via a happy customer is key to building trust with potential leads. This begs the question: What if these happy customers had a bigger platform to spread the word? That is where reviews come in.

Reviews allow happy customers to draw in new business, increasing their value from a repeat customer to that of an advocate (or "fan") of your brand. 

Customer fans take organic word of mouth marketing from their social circle to a wider audience on the internet. Sid summarized this idea in a nutshell:

"There is a big power in reviews. For two reasons: 
#1: When people read reviews, it develops trust in advance. 
#2: Once someone posts a review, that is a public declaration. The customer will never go back- you have cemented their relationship."

Customer Fan Reviews Are Important, But How Do We Get Them?

Sid brought up a great point during our interview with him. He mentioned how often times, while people have the best intentions, his customer fans often forgot or didn't follow through with leaving him a review. 

He highlighted this point by discussing how over the course of sending out over 1000 review invitations, he only had about 70 people who left one

Was that because Sid and his team weren't working hard or doing a good job? No! Was it because his customers did not want to let him know that they were happy with his services? Of course not! As Sid said:

"It's simple, people get busy and they forget."

That is why Sid turned to NiceJob. He wanted something that would automate the processing of sending out reviews and following up with his customers. It's a lot of work for one person to be doing manually! However, the payoff is undeniable. 

With every happy customer review, there is a level of trust and goodwill built towards the business. When potential customers are searching for a business online, they are far more likely to hire a business who has a great reputation via their online reviews. 

Sid told us about several large contracts he had gotten as a direct result of his fantastic online reviews. He also mentioned the level of trust that he developed with people, before even meeting them for the first time and stepping into their homes:

"One lady was so happy to see me, I thought she was going to hug me when I knocked on the door! She knew who I was from my reviews online, and I'd never met her before!"

Once Sid began using NiceJob, he noticed his reviews were taking off. Even before he had finished sending out all his review invitations for the first time, he had 4 new reviews for Spectrum Window Cleaning. 

Sid also appreciates that NiceJob has a great user interface for his customers, and said one key feature he liked was how NiceJob comes across as friendly and happy (just like his business)! 

Not only does the NiceJob app automate and cut down the time it takes sending and collecting reviews, but it also is a great experience for his customers, wrapping up the service on a high note:

"NiceJob does a nice job because it's so friendly and happy, and creates an easy follow up for the customer."

Sid also loved how the app automatically publishes his best reviews to his Facebook page. All he had to do was boost the post, and he had great shareable content created by his happy customers!

Sid's 5 Star Review of NiceJob

The final takeaway from Sid after he started using and loving NiceJob?

"It makes the job of getting reviews really simple. The time you save is more than worth the money. It did more than I thought it was going to do, and NiceJob made the whole process really easy"

Now that's the type of 5 star review we love hearing from our customers! :)

To see our interview with Sid, please visit us here

To see Sid's review of NiceJob, please visit here

If you need window cleaning in Missoula, MT look up Sid Graef with Spectrum Window Cleaning! 

Check out Sid's great reviews at

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