Expressing Gratitude for Success: How Being Thankful Can Benefit Your Business

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In this episode

In this NiceJob Podcast episode, we dive into the power of gratitude and how it can positively impact your business. Sid shares his own experiences with being thankful as a business owner and how it has helped him to cultivate a positive company culture and drive success.


He offers some practical tips for incorporating gratitude into your daily business routine, including the importance of acknowledging your team's efforts and contributions.


Sid also talks about how gratitude can help with training and growth, as it encourages a sense of appreciation and motivation within your team.

Questions answered

  1. How do you define a workplace gratitude culture in business?
  2. What should business owners should be showing appreciation for in the workplace?
  3. What does every business owner need to embrace to be successful?
  4. How can you use events to promote gratitude and appreciation in the workplace?
  5. If you're hosting an event, what are some business thankfulness practices to consider?

“The thing that I'm most keenly thankful for is a company culture that supports the type of people that I enjoy working with.”

Key takeaways

  • Looking for some small business motivation? Start with being thankful for what you already have!

Today's guest

Sid Graef is the host of the 8020 Show and the owner of The Huge Convention, a small business convention for small business owners.


Sid's big passion is helping small businesses grow, which he does through his podcast and the conventions he runs. He focuses on systems and marketing to help people take their businesses to the next level.



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