How to Improve Reputation Marketing for Window Cleaners

Invest in Your Window Cleaning Marketing for a Killer Reputation


So you have a home-service business cleaning windows. By now you’ve got a brand that you’re proud of, dedicated employees whom you love and a relatively consistent revenue flow.


What’s next? How can you scale your company so that your window cleaning business starts working for you instead of you continuing to work for your window cleaning business?


If you haven't checked out our ultimate window cleaning marketing guide, consider doing that first. But if you're ready to dive into the world of online reputation...


Then it’s time to start investing in reputation marketing.


Reputation marketing for a window cleaning company is essential to truly stand out from the local competition and establish your business as the go-to window cleaner in your region.


Every business knows how important customer reviews are. Roughly 88% of potential customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family.


Reputation marketing is about more than just collecting reviews. It’s about how you use those reviews to develop your company’s reputation so it can start selling for you.


That’s how you go from $600,000 in annual revenue to over $1,000,000.


But before we get ahead of ourselves, reputation marketing works best when you have a strong marketing infrastructure in general. That’s where window cleaning marketing comes in.


This post is about how upping your marketing game can make it easier for you to get started with reputation marketing. What kinds of marketing activities should I start to look into more that will impact my ability to start using reputation marketing, and how does that impact even work in the first place? These are the questions we're going to answer for you.


We'll overview what reputation marketing is, explain why improving your marketing game in general helps build a stronger reputation-marketing strategy and summarize some good resources for you to get started with to start enhancing your window cleaning marketing today.


Let’s dig in so you can get started on your journey.


Why Improving Your Window Cleaning Marketing Enhances Your Reputation Marketing


Window cleaning marketing and reputation marketing go together like a squeegee and a bucket. That’s why improving your window cleaning marketing enhances your reputation marketing.


That’s because marketing your window cleaning business relies heavily on your company’s reputation. Conversely, reputation marketing becomes more effective when you interact with the top window cleaning resources to improve your window cleaning marketing.


Before we dive into what makes this relationship, let’s look at exactly what we’re talking about here.


What Is Reputation Marketing?


As mentioned just a few paragraphs above, reputation marketing is about more than simply gathering and distributing customer reviews.


Online reputation marketing is about leveraging your reviews to develop your brand, utilize social proofas marketing & sales collateral and get the reputation you deserve.


Let your reviews do the talking for you by showing them off on your website as miniature case studies to engage your visitors and convert them into leads.


Or automatically curate your reviews as “stories” to create a narrative about what your window cleaning company is all about. In other words, show your potential customers what makes your window cleaners so special.


You can also autopublish your reviews on social media to reinforce your cleaning company’s stellar reputation on multiple platforms and build your reputation holistically.


A great reputation-marketing software like NiceJob helps you do all of these things to up your marketing game and blow your sales through the roof!


How Window Cleaning Marketing Is Key for Growing Your Reputation Marketing


There are other considerations essential to your success. Without amazing marketing operations to align your brand with your services, you’re essentially capping the potential of your reputation marketing.


This is why window cleaning marketing is crucial for your reputation marketing. The best thing you can do for your business is turn your customers into fans and fans into sales.


By following best practices in window cleaning marketing to provide the greatest customer service you can, you will turn your customers into enthusiastic fans of your business who will root for your success.


That means when you use a reputation-marketing software to gather reviews, automatically share reviews as stories or as miniature case studies on your website and automatically publish reviews on social media, you’ll have fans cheering you on!


3 Window Cleaning Resources to Take Your Marketing Game to the Next Level


So how do you improve your window cleaning marketing to transform customers into fans and scale your window cleaning company to the next level? Knowing what resources to turn to is essential.


We’ve got three top resources to share with you so you can use window cleaning marketing to turn customers into fans and enhance the power of reputation marketing to dominate your region and become your city’s go-to window cleaner.


Top 3 Resources for the Best Window Cleaning Marketing


  1. Window Cleaning Resource
  2. The HUGE Convention
  3. Kalfas Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Resource


Don’t let their convenient name fool you. Window Cleaning Resource is one of the most popular online communities for window cleaning companies on the internet.


On top of selling window cleaning supplies directly on their website, Window Cleaning Resource also boasts the Window Cleaning Resource Forum with over 30,000 members of like-minded window cleaning professionals sharing advice for growing window cleaning companies.


The best part? There’s also a free Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint to give you the lowdown on the best ways to improve your marketing. In it, Window Cleaning Resource outlines some stellar tips on going above and beyond for your customers.


As we like to say here at NiceJob, stop aiming for five-star reviews—what would an 11-star review look like?


In their Marketing Blueprint, for instance, Window Cleaning Resource talks about the importance of making a personal connection with your customers, “wowing” them and then baking that into your processes.


Ask about their pet, their kids, their family. Throw in a surprise gift with a personal touch. Provide an unexpected upsell but without the, you know, selling part—just do it. Overwhelm customers with generosity and you’ll be amazed at how easy reputation marketing becomes.


The HUGE Convention


Ever come across a business convention only to find that the generic advice, benefits and offers don’t provide value because they aren’t unique to your industry?


Welcome to The HUGE Convention, quite literally the largest conference there is exclusively dedicated to window cleaners.


This annual event is chock-full not just of vendors offering great deals for window cleaners but also of expert speakers ready to share their secrets for executing the best window cleaning marketing in town.


With so many vendors specializing in window cleaning marketing, no longer will your reputation marketing be a slog, so you can start selling like a machine.


Kalfas Window Cleaning


We would be remiss here not to mention Keith Kalfas, the self-made entrepreneur who has dedicated himself to spreading his success to other window cleaners.


Keith got his start as both a window cleaner and a landscaper by relentlessly selling his services door-to-door, winning over three dozen customers in just his first two days. He soon created a landscaping and window cleaning empire worth millions of dollars.


He now also hosts The UNTRAPPED Podcast to help home-service companies become “untrapped” in growing their business. Plus he has over 100,000 combined subscribers across three YouTube channels, including Window Cleaning BluePrint.


Keith gives a lot of down-to-earth feedback on what kinds of marketing initiatives and strategies you need in place that will breed the kind of environment between you and your customers for those positive online reviews to start flooding in.




How to Boost Your Reputation Marketing


A powerful reputation-marketing software like NiceJob is exactly the kind of tool your business needs to get over the hump and really grow your company.


As you improve your window cleaning marketing, interacting with knowledge experts to share in their success and engage your customers with 11-star cleaning services to outshine your competition, you’ll quickly build a fanbase ready to promote your business.


This is where reputation marketing becomes key. With NiceJob, our Reviews tool makes it a breeze.


NiceJob sends smart reminders to customers for reviews, strategically distributes reviews on social media to triple engagement metrics and automatically publishes “stories” on your website to increase both search-engine rankings and your online conversion rate.


Now you’re ready to own the neighborhood.