Hero Block: Without CTA Button vs. With CTA Button

The Losing Block

The Winning Block





Leading with a call to action on the hero banner image will help to improve conversions, especially when customers already know what they would like to book the service.




The results from this A/B test were the opposite from our initial hypothesis. In this instance, the results expressed that having a hero banner without a call to action button does help to improve the conversion rate in comparison to having a call to action button. Without the call to action button there, the website converted at a 31% higher rate than having a call to action button.



Action Step:

These results outline the importance of having call to action buttons within your header section, so that they are one of the first things that people see when they land on the page. Having these may then mean that you don't have to have a call to action button in your hero as they are already emphasized enough to your customer.