New: JavaScript Software Development Kit opens a world of tracking possibilities

Easily track browser events in NiceJob using Javascript SDK


Have a form on your website and want to track the information as a new lead within NiceJob?

Now you can!


Using a call service, like CallRail, and want to create a call event within NiceJob? 


You can do that too! 


With NiceJob’s Javascript SDK you open the door to all kinds of tracking possibilities. 


(Coming soon: With NiceJob’s highly anticipated Campaigns V2 coming in 2021, using the data from our Javascript SDK you’ll be able to trigger all kinds of events, like leaving a review, asking for a recommendation, sending a thank you and more!)


What is a Javascript SDK?


New tracking possibilities within NiceJob sound very intriguing, but what’s Javascript SDK? 


Javascript is a programming language and SDK stands for Software Development Kit.


The Javascript SDK does not read data from the NiceJob platform. It creates data in response to someone's activity on a webpage. 


By installing and using Javascript SDK, you can start collecting this data to create and track your customer journey events in NiceJob.


You can track any specific browser event as an event in NiceJob, like bookings, visits, payments, invoice, and more.


How to install Javascript SDK


  1. Go to
  2. In the right-hand menu select “Javascript SDK Reference”
  3. Follow the provided instructions to install and use Javascript SDK