Built By Me Podcast: Christine Hodge from Clearview Washing LLC

In the next Built By Me podcast episode, we're diving into a topic that's often the elephant in the room: what it's like for a woman in a male-dominated industry. Our guest, Christine Hodge, wears many hats: homemaker, mother, and the powerhouse CEO of Clearview Washing LLC. 


We're going to unpack her journey, including the unique challenges of running a family business in an industry where, let's be real, some men would rather not deal with women: the home service sector.


Christine drives home a crucial point: own your role with confidence, no matter your gender. She's all about women grabbing titles, showcasing their worth, and steering clear of the usual office manager default. 



On the business front, Christine reveals how she's growing Clearview Washing LLC's commercial arm. It's all about bagging those fat-margin commercial gigs while still keeping a foot in the residential door. She also shares her secrets for spotting new opportunities, and let's just say research and delegation are her BFFs.


Christine's words echo her mindset perfectly: "I think you should give yourself a title and I think it should be whatever you want." It's this kind of bold attitude that defines her approach to business and life.


But Christine's journey is more than just steering a family business; it's a high-wire act of work-life balance. Her secret sauce? Well, you'll have to tune in to witness the balancing act yourself!


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