NiceJob and Jobber App Integration to Screen for Reviews

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Sep 1, 2022

Filter Clients from the Jobber App with NiceJob’s Tagging Integration to Improve Customer Reviews


Running a local service business is hard.


Landscapers, cleaners, HVACs and plumbers should focus on becoming the top-rated provider in their region—not get bogged down by invoice paperwork and managing clients.


That’s why the Jobber CRM is so valuable. It’s designed specifically for local service companies to help them manage their operations and grow their business.


NiceJob loves helping SMB owners too. That’s why we connect seamlessly with the Jobber app so you can import your customers and automatically ask for reviews.


Now we’re excited to announce an upgrade to the Jobber integration to help you maximize your positive reviews and build your reputation.


You can label clients in your Jobber CRM to prevent auto-enrollments into NiceJob review campaigns, giving you more control over your reputation!


In this article, we’ll overview the details of this upgrade and the NiceJob + Jobber integration in general.


What Is the NiceJob + Jobber App Integration?


NiceJob's Jobber integration is built to reward business owners for the work they do in their communities.


The Jobber CRM helps you manage jobs, bookings and clients. Once you’ve completed a job, you’ll want the world to know how amazing your work and customer service are.


With NiceJob’s reputation marketing software, you can automatically enroll clients into campaigns to get customer reviews.


This means when you close a job in the Jobber App, NiceJob will automatically import the client and invite them to leave your business a positive review.


NiceJob review request from a Jobber app client.


What’s New with the NiceJob + Jobber App Integration?


Sometimes clients might have already given you a review, indicating that they intend to or requested upfront not to be contacted with a review request.  


And some clients or contacts might not be the best candidates to leave your business a review in the first place.


It’s important to avoid negative reviews as much as possible. And if you get one, make sure you have a strategy in place for responding to a negative review.


To help maximize your positive reviews and enable you to communicate with your clients before any enrollment campaigns, in NiceJob you can now filter clients from autoenrollment.


Using Jobber’s tagging function, you can now tag clients directly in Jobber to pause enrollment into a NiceJob reviews campaign.


With Jobber tagging, you can sort clients into groups by adding custom tags into profiles.


You can organize clients by region or type of work to manage workflows, by how they found you to grade marketing efforts—and now by those whom you don’t want to ask for a review.


It’s that simple!


Now you have the power to control who you enter into a reviews campaign so you can get more five-star reviews for your small business.


Get more reviews from Jobber app clients with NiceJob's reputation marketing software.