Your clients rely on you. Lawyers rely on Clio.

Clio is a legal practice management and client intake software. Clio has two core products: Clio Manage to organize your firm’s tasks, matters, documents and payments and Clio Grow to streamline your firm's intake process and the way you engage with potential and existing clients.

Key Benefits of Clio


Clio, a leader in cloud-based legal technology, empowers lawyers to be both client-centered and firm-focused with a software solution that manages your legal practice, takes care of client intake and offers a CRM.

Every Case Detail in One Place

Reduce redundant tasks, manage projects, generate documents, track deadlines and send invoices.

Collaborate on Cases with Your Team

A single source of truth for your team. Set permissions, communicate securely and see real-time case updates.

Configure Clio to Meet Your Firm's Needs

Track only what matters, create custom fields & online intake forms and organize cases the way you want.

Introducing the Clio App for NiceJob

The easiest way to get online reviews from your clients.

Easily Import Client Information

Sync client contact information, invoices and case details to NiceJob with the click of a button.

Automated Review Requests

NiceJob will follow up with your clients using our smart review-request campaigns.

Easy Review Sharing

Share reviews to your website with our Engage and Stories widgets to gain visibility and increase sales.


Get the reputation you deserve.