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Savvy business owners know that online reviews create referrals and sales.

Using online review management software is crucial to managing the reputation of a business.

About 97% of consumers research online for a local service, and within those results it’s reviews that appear the most frequently. For a business that does not appear at the top, they’re losing many customers to their competition.

With over 90% of consumers trusting reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family, online reviews provide more referrals than most marketing options.

Over 90% of consumers trust online reviews

If you’re not managing your reputation with online reviews, you’re losing potential customers to your competitors.

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The benefits of online review management are often overlooked, but businesses of all sizes stand to come out ahead when they experience what word of mouth referrals and reviews can do for them. It starts with providing an exception product or service, and customer experience. But when your customer start generating referrals through reviews, that’s when businesses are able to see the true value of online review management.

To start growing your customer base and earning more referrals, you need online reviews to create awareness and capture the consumer’s attention. Using review management software makes it possible to get more reviews and better manage your reputation.

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