78% of travelers claim reviews help them feel more confident in their decisions


95% of travellers trust online reviews

85% of travellers read up to 10 reviews

Get NiceJob to help handle your reputation

If you want to book more rooms, it’s online reviews that customers check out, before they check in.

Reputation matters, especially for hotels. What consumers read online shapes their opinion.

With hotels being one of the top industries being affected by online reviews, it’s essential to manage your online reputation, ratings and reviews if you want more bookings.

Over 50% of travelers won't book a hotel that has no reviews.

You work hard to provide your guests memorable experiences. When they share positive experiences, it inspires others to consider choosing your hotel for their next stay.

About 97% of consumers will go online to research a local service like hotels, and within those results it’s reviews that appear the most frequently. For hotels that do not appear at the top, they’re losing customers to their competition.

A hotel’s reputation can be it’s most valuable asset, with star ratings and reviews being one of the first impressions and interactions a potential customer has. Ensure you have a chance at winning their interest. While price is a consideration when selecting a hotel, reputation and reviews have an enormous influence.

Make your hotel stand out and get the power of Nicejob working for you. With it’s automation you’ll get more reviews, and more customers. Turn them into advocates that start providing  word of mouth referrals and watch your bookings grow.

The easiest way to grow your business in 2022.

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