Are you making the most of your reputation?

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Your business may rely on what others think more than you know.

It's your customer's that influence how others see you.

Customers are talking. They know about the sales. They are sharing insights and fit. They understand how their experiences can help others. Your customers are talking about you and your business, but are you making the most of the customer reviews they are leaving for you online?

Reviews Drive Purchases

Increasingly customers are reading and researching before making purchases. They want to know what others think. They want details, and they trust their peers to share information more than they trust the website selling the product. They read reviews religiously.

Honest reviews have tremendous value for would-be customers. They can get answers to questions and learn more about how the jacket fits or how deep the sofa cushions really are. Making purchases online is extremely convenient, but it comes with the obvious drawback of not being about to handle items in the store. Reviews solve this problem.

The Power of the Review

Through a detailed review, customers can experience products through the eyes of other customers. They can get suggestions on buying decisions and even ideas for additional complementary purchases. Businesses may be making items available on their website, but increasing it is other customers who are making the sales.

Harnessing the Customer Review

There is tremendous value in the reviews about your product and service from real customers. The trick can be collecting timely reviews and putting them to use. This is where can help. We will join your team to ask your most recent customers for their honest feedback. We can help you monitor social media websites for updates and reviews about your products and offerings. We can even help get positive reviews and experiences posted online.

Choosing Your Store

Customers are reviewing more than just your offerings. A significant number of reviews focus on customer service rather than customer purchases. A company with a reputation for excellent service will bring back customers at a far higher rate than one that just sells nice products. And how do new customers know where to find excellent service? From the reviews other have conveniently left behind.

Google searches, area recommendations, social media check-ins and the “Near Me” searches give customers reliable advice. Your stars and ranking show up in virtually every search, and customers are reading what others have written. It doesn’t just make sense to follow up with customers and seek honest reviews – it’s a critical element of doing business in today’s market.

The easiest way to grow your business in 2022.

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