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Chris Lambrinides
The Huge Convention
Window Cleaning
Bend, OR
Time joined NiceJob
September 5, 2018

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The Huge Convention is the premier business event for window cleaners and pressure washers. Drawing attendees from across the country, the convention is three days dedicated to exploring all avenues of the window cleaning and pressure washing industries.

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The Challenge

Even though it’s THE event to attend in the industry, organizer Chris Lambrinides has had trouble collecting reviews in the past. While crucial to their marketing, building their credibility and selling event tickets, the team behind The Huge Convention found it difficult to make the ask and follow up on reviews from attendees. The process of leaving a review also proved to be painful, prompting the team to go as far as dedicating an entire webpage on their site with instructions on how to leave a Google review.

How NiceJob Helped

After signing up for NiceJob and easily sending invitations via email to attendees asking them to review the convention, Chris and the team saw results in a matter of days. Over the course of the convention, 59 new five star reviews appeared on Facebook and Google, with more coming in the weeks since the convention.

Chris admits he hasn’t used NiceJob to its full potential yet but loves how user-friendly the platform is, and plans to keep on using it. He says it’s too early to pinpoint the effect on his bottom line in the two weeks since the conference, but Chris and the team are already planning their marketing campaign for next year’s event, centered on the reviews that were powered by NiceJob.

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