In today’s marketplace, reviews are tremendous. Your reviews drive your reputation. Your reputation drives your customer base. Your customer base drives your profits. It’s simple really, you need high quality online reviews. 88% of customers consult online reviews. Show them you’re the one for the job with NiceJob's Review Management Software.

The right plumber. An experienced electrician. Affordable roofers. How do customers find the home maintenance and contractor professionals they need? They look to reviews. Potential customers check out online reviews to see examples and opinions on your previous work. They want to know if you’re a solid, dependable company. They want to know if your prices are justified by the quality of your workmanship. They want honest feedback, and they know where to get it.

Integrating With Your Business

Reviews are an excellent resource for customers, which makes them an excellent marketing resource for your company. But reviews can be challenging. Satisfied customers don’t always post positive reviews. Negative reviews can blindside you and not allow you to communicate with the client. Even well intentioned customers can take a long time to leave any feedback. Having a team member completed dedicated to gathering, following up and sharing your reviews leaves you free to do what you do best.

The Art of the Solid Review

NiceJob fits into your company – we join your team. We can free you from the tedium and headaches of gathering reviews so that you can enjoy the benefits without the hassles. You start the process by reporting to NiceJob about sites where you’ve completed projects. Send us pictures and updates about projects your company has recently completed. We take it from there! We’ll reach out to your customers for an honest review, we’ll follow up, we’ll be sure the reviews are posted correctly. Most importantly – when a bad review comes in, we’ll give you a chance to work with the customer away from the public eye.

You do the work. We collect the reviews. It’s a very easy way to showcase your skills and services without taking the time required to finesse the customer feedback.

Trust is essential in home maintenance. Customers need to trust your company to do the job they hire you to do. You build trust by showing up in search engine searches. By showing positive reviews and high rankings by previous customers. Your local listings, your local reviews, and your local reputation are the critical elements you need to be noticed by homeowners, and – more importantly – be the best choice.

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