When patients are looking for a Dentist, online reviews are as important as a dentist’s credentials for consumers. In fact, 70% of patients say that online reviews influence their choice of dentist. Thankfully, it's never been easier to build and manage your online reputation with the help of NiceJob's Review Management Software.

Patients want a Dentist they trust and have confidence in. When their looking, it’s your online reputation that matters most. Nicejob helps Dentists to build the trust that patients want with online reviews.

With 70% of patients saying that online reviews influence their choice of dentist, you can attract more patients with a well managed reputation.

Patients look for Dentists that have a positive rating at online review sites, and reputation management with NiceJob helps them find the best dental practice.

Over 51% of consumers searched for dentists via search engines, and it’s review websites that they are seen most in the results.

When a Dentist has more reviews, they earn more referrals and walk-ins through word of mouth, and see their dental practice at the top of search results.

Over 95% of patients will choose a Dentist appearing on page one of those search results, wouldn’t you want it to be your business they find?

If you don’t use reputation management through online reviews, you’re likely losing potential patients to competitors that are.

Over 60% of dentists have fewer than 4 stars on Yelp and Google My Business listings.

Use the power of Nicejob’s automated reviews to work for you, to start turning your patients into advocates, and earn more referrals.

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