Often when dealing with automotive sales, the real search isn’t for car – it’s for a dealer.

For the customer, finding the right automotive dealer is a fine balance of finances, finesse, and personal relationships. For you, it’s providing what those customers are craving – a balance of the best prices, the best services and a solid reputation.

Reviews and Buying Automobiles

Cars and trucks are major purchases for your customers. Many vehicles come with payments that approach rent or even mortgage payments, and making that much of a financial commitment isn’t something you’re your customers take lightly. Customers aren’t just researching your cars – they are researching you.

A positive review can drive new customers into your lot. A negative review can keep them away.

Your potential customers are keeping an eye not only on how well a dealership scores with customers, but also with how well you respond to the frustrated customers who might leave a negative review. In the automotive business, you are fielding reviews from all sides. Customers are sharing experiences with salespeople, service professionals, the used cars on your lot, the new cars on your lot and the quality of your repairs and service.

That’s a lot to monitor, but the many facets you are handling combine to create your reputation. Reputation absolutely matters when it comes to repeat customers and referrals, and you already know those are often the backbone of a successful dealership.

Watching Reviews Online

Spending money makes people passionate. They love their new cars. They hate their new car payments. They want to share their experiences, and what better way than through online reviews?

NiceJob will join your team to help you to seek out and consolidate the many reviews that make up the world of an auto dealer. We will actively solicit new reviews from your recent customers. We’ll gather up what your customers have to say and share the data with you and be sure it’s posted online for new customers to enjoy. We’ll also flag negative reviews on your behalf so that you can contact the customer and resolve situations privately to keep your positive reputation intact.

Create a Meaningful Customer Experience

The customer experience doesn’t end when he drives off your lot in his new car. That customer expects you to follow up. Allow us to ask your customers about the buying experience. We can ask him his opinions on the process, the vehicle and his overall experience. Your customers are worth more to you than a down payment.  Show customers they matter by allowing their voices to be heard.

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