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NiceJob is a reputation marketing platform. We help great companies turn their customers into fans, and help those fans be heard.

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NiceJob helps companies win more reviews, referrals, and sales online.

Use NiceJob to track your customer journey, from lead to fan and everything in between while getting deep insights into your companies reputation. Attribute fans to employee touch points, and connect to over 1000 apps to help track journey events.

NiceJob uses smart campaign technology to automatically send post purchase review invites to your customers, winning you up to 2x more reviews than competing tools.

NiceJob helps you easily create customer stories and share them via Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. Publish your customer stories to your website and deliver honest customer stories to website visitors in real time.
NiceJob Convert provides custom designed websites and landing pages guaranteed to beat your existing website’s conversion rate by at least 10% or it’s free.

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