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NiceJob’s referral affiliate program is incredibly easy to use.

Save your friend 50% off their first three months and earn the cash.
Do your friend a favor and share NiceJob with them. As a thank you, we'll reward you with the equivalent of your friend's first month's fee with us. The more review marketing services they benefit from, the more cash goes into your pocket.
Refer a Friend
As easy as giving us their info.
Just fill of the referral form and we'll take it from there. When your referral is enrolled for a minimum of 90 days you can collect your cash. Plus, our customer success team is available to support your referral's questions and their onbvoarding.
Refer a Friend
Be helpful. Be helped. Be loved.
You tell friends about great movies you saw recently so they can enjoy them too. Why not also tell them about software they’d love? Offer your friends value and be known as helpful & smart and they'll return the favor.
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Sell more product without spending more money

NiceJob helps retailers, manufacturers, distributors and more sell their products.

We’ll send you $100 value NiceJob cash cards
NiceJob cash cards can be used toward any NiceJob paid plan. We'll produce and send you the cash cards for free.
Incentivize your customers
Want to increase your average cart order size? Encourage customers to purchase a higher sticker price product? Add value to signups for your program or service? Incentivize customers with your $100 NiceJob cash cards.
Reward your customers
Like to say thank you to some special customers? Or increase the value of a giveaway? NiceJob cash cards are free to you, and are an awesome reward for your valued customers.

Gift card program partner requirements

Let's make sure your a great fit

You have...
  • a great reputation with your customers
  • and you sell physical products or run a membership program
And you operate in one of the following industries where reviews are relevant to you or your customers...
  • Tech (SAAS preferably)
  • Home services (i.e. cleaning, painting, etc.)
  • Professional services (i.e. law, doctor, real estate, etc.)
  • Health and beauty
  • Travel and tourism
And lastly, you have an audience of at least 1,000 people (contact us for exceptions).

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Share NiceJob to your network for cash rewards or incentivized purchases.
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