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Best Service Award

Spring 2020 winners announced February 28th 2020

NiceJob Rated businesses are recognized as the top service providers in their industry.

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NiceJob Rated Award

Fall 2020 winners were announced August 2020

The Fall 2020 NiceJob Rated Award was a special edition.
It honoured businesses that produced a positive impact in their community during a global pandemic.

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About the Award

COVID-19 created a new reality in which we live. Business owners everywhere were forced to adapt and persevere.

Due to this situation, the 2020 edition of the NiceJob Rated Award recognizes businesses who make positive contributions to their community or service area during this time.

If your business or a business you support has made a positive community impact during COVID-19, we want to recognize them for their great work.

This award is open to all businesses.

Please nominate deserving businesses using this form. (submissions now closed)

How to be eligible
  • To nominate your own business or a business you support, please fill out this form.
  • All nominations will be taken into consideration by the NiceJob committee who will determine the final winners for the Fall 2020 NiceJob Award for Community Impact.
  • Please note that all nominators may be contacted by NiceJob to gather more details about the nomination.ย 
How to win
The NiceJob committee will be looking for things, such as:
  • Magnitude of impact (relative to company size)
  • Creativity and thoughtfulness
  • Percentage of staff involved in serving the community
  • Number of people impacted in the community (relative to company size)
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Benefits of Winning

NiceJob Rated businesses are recognized as do-gooders of the community;
this reputation bolsters trust among your customers and is an incredible attractant for new business.

Distinguished Honours
Certification for outstanding Community Impact to be displayed for new and existing customers.
Differentiate your business with this distinguished trust badge.
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๎ŒˆIndustry Recognition
Winners will be featured in a press release with a backlink to your website, showing Google and other search engines youโ€™re an authority in your industry.
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First Access
Winners receive first-access to new features and NiceJob products, pushing your business ahead of the curve.
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About NiceJob

NiceJob is a marketing software company that helps businesses that do great work get the reputation they deserve. We provide a suite of tools to empower businesses to solicit reviews from their customers, and then use those reviews to grow their business.

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