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How does NiceJob help you get new reviews?

NiceJob helps you get more good reviews with less effort.

Getting customers to actually write reviews is hard.
With NiceJob it's quick and easy.

You hardly have to do anything

Snap a photo, add a comment (if you like) and send your customer a review invite

Automated follow-ups

NiceJob will gently encourage your customer to leave a review with automated email and SMS follow ups

Intelligent review funnel

We'll even help prevent negative reviews, and encourage multiple reviews from each invite

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how it works

Your good reputation creates buzz on social media.

The same simple steps you use to get reviews also help you create a powerful social media marketing tool — customer stories.

Every job becomes a story

Stories are real examples of the quality of your work and customer service

Your stories spreads

Your stories are shared to all your social media accounts, creating content that future customers actually care about

Now imagine multiplying that impact with every job you do.

Stories are easy and they work.

Stories and reviews boost your search engine rankings

NiceJob also publishes your stories and reviews to your website creating a continual stream of locally, keyword rich content... SEO goldmine!

Zero effort

The same stories you use to get great reviews help you to rise to the top of search engines

Everything Google loves

When Google sees your content is being shared, talked about, reviewed, and linked to all over the web — that’s the kind of content they want in the top of their search results

Turn trust into sales

Which company would you call?

Consumers read reviews before deciding which company to contact.*
Make sure they pick you.
* Recent statistics show that 88% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.
“It's so simple to add photos to the site that will instantly get shared to your social networking site. Getting reviews from customers can be a hassle, but it's now easy.”
"We have had nothing but success in attracting a steady flow of new business. Also sharing our latest projects on social media is easy with NiceJob's features."
"Their customer service is top notch, response to questions and requests is immediate, and their understanding of the online marketing world is unbeatable."

More good reviews.
Social media buzz.
SEO boost.
More sales.

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