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Home Service Super Summit Event Recap by NiceJob

Home Service Super Summit 2020: Complete Event Recap and Speaker Summary

Home Service Super Summit (HSSS)


The Home Service Super Summit 2020 was a huge success!

Featuring four jam-packed days of expert talks and networking events for local-business owners, the Home Service Super Summit more than delivered on its promise to help home-service businesses grow.

Weren't able to check out every presentation? Don't worry, NiceJob has you covered. We've summarized all of the action so you can review the main takeaways and scale your local-service company with confidence!

This Home Service Super Summit event recap and speaker summary details all of the highlights from the conference so your business can become the go-to provider in your city of your company's service.

Home Service Super Summit Speaker Summaries by NiceJob

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Home Service Super Summit Recap and Event Wrapup Presented by NiceJob

The Home Service Super Summit consisted of four main days segmented into four different high-level topics: Marketing, Admin & Leadership, Production and Sales.

Each day featured several experts giving advice for small businesses of all types, specifically tailored for home-service professionals, with hands-on lessons from business coaches, entrepreneurs and marketers.

From landscapers and window cleaners to plumbers and HVAC specialists, there's something for everybody to grow their service companies and dominate their local regions.

Home Service Super Summit logo featuring topics of the event.
The Home Service Super Summit features talks on marketing, admin & leadership, production and sales.

Home Service Super Summit Summaries

NiceJob has summarized the main takeaways from each day of the Home Service Super Summit. These summaries of the talks provide instant value to small-business owners so you can "own your neighborhood."

Home Service Super Summit Recap: Day One—Marketing

Stop letting your own thoughts and barriers get in the way.

  • You can make an impact even without major resources like cashflow
  • The "little guy" can compete with the "big guy"
  • Everyone has to start somewhere before they can succeed

Do things smarter and never lose the element of critical thinking as you scale.

  • Use automation and tools to save you time (and money!)
  • Great customer experience is the be-all and end-all
  • Never stop marketing
  • Create systems, but recognize when they may need to change

Confidence is a huge personality trait of successful entrepreneurs

  • Very few "get it" right away
  • Things are scary at first, but you only get better and learn more over time
  • True purpose will breed results

Home Service Super Summit Recap: Day Two—Admin & Leadership

Leaders must lead or they will never be in a position to grow.

  • You shouldn’t spend time in a position that isn’t moving you forward
  • Understand when you build a system it allows you do to more, even though the others doing what you used to do may not be better
  • Learn to delegate and learn to do it well

Consistently (re)evaluate your business.

  • Rely on data and metrics to let you know what is working and what isn't
  • Don't be afraid to make changes, even drastic ones, if the proof is there
  • If you don't fully understand the the metrics, you risk making poor decisions

You need to expand your world to expand your vision.

  • Remote help, virtual assistance and automation are big enhancements for growth
  • Advance your knowledge at every possible opportunity in order to systematize
  • Have a clear understanding of your goals and your purpose

Home Service Super Summit Recap: Day Three—Production

Find the path to work outside your business.

  • Your goal should be to promote yourself as many times as possible
  • The closer you are to the day-to-day, the harder it is to look forward
  • Every time you progress in your business, the previous role should be easily filled

Systems are the foundation of sustainability.

  • Systems are the closest you can get to be everywhere at once
  • Systems should not be limited; anywhere you can systematize, do it
  • Most failures are a result of a bad system or lack thereof

Lead with your mental power.

  • Most business problems are problems within the leader’s life
  • If you are unwilling to give up some control, you will never grow
  • Smarter thinking will always outperform working harder

Home Service Super Summit Recap: Day Four—Sales

Value is the name of the game.

  • It's important to place value internally by setting prices and externally by selling services 
  • All business goals should revolve around adding value
  • Things that do not add value will prevent growth

Selling can be taught.

  • There are many methods and strategies for successful selling; find what works for your company
  • Selling is a formula that must balance product, personality and value
  • Adding a system or playbook allows for more consistent results as you grow

If you cannot sell, you cannot survive.

  • Once you develop proper selling systems, other problems are easily identifiable
  • You must evolve with changing landscapes
  • Target the core elements of a sale and work backwards

Overall Takeaways from the Home Service Super Summit

  • Company culture is an absolute must
  • Social proof is invaluable
  • Embrace automation and technology


Home Service Super Summit and NiceJob: Coming Together for Your Local Business

Logo for the Home Services Super SummitLogo for the NiceJob

As one of the proud sponsors and participants of the Home Service Super Summit, NiceJob couldn't have been more honored to help support home-service businesses grow their companies.

From our CEO Lars Kristensen's talk "Turning Customers Into Fans and Fans Into Sales" to our Strategic Sessions where we invited event speakers and attendees to network in small-group breakout rooms, Nice Job was there to help small-business owners dominate their local regions.

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Speaker Summaries: Recaps of Talks From the Home Service Super Summit!


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