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Jobber Professional Development Day

Feb. 16, 2022

Jobber Professional Development Day 2022: Complete Attendee Guide

Table of Contents: Your Guide to Jobber Professional Development Day 2022

  1. Overview of Jobber Professional Development Day
  2. Jobber and NiceJob: Coming Together for Your Company
  3. What to Expect at Jobber Professional Development Day
  4. Dates, Location and Registration
  5. FAQs

Overview of Jobber Professional Development Day

What Is Jobber Professional Development Day?

Jobber Professional Development Day is a free, online event created for home service business owners and management teams for a day full of learning and networking.

This event features prominent keynote speakers and 12 additional sessions with home service pros just like you who have been there, done that and are ready to give real-life examples and advice to help you grow your business and strengthen your leadership skills.

Whether you operate a landscaping business, plumbing company, window cleaning service or any other kind of local service business, you won't want to miss this online workshop so you can become the top provider in city and own the neighborhood!

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How Can I Grow My Company by Attending Jobber PD Day?

If you own a home service business, Jobber Professional Development Day is the marquee event of 2022 to help you take your business to the next level.

Jobber Professional Development Day isn’t any ordinary conference for small businesses. It’s specifically tailored for home service companies, with hands-on lessons from business coaches, entrepreneurs and marketers experienced in scaling home service companies and helping small businesses succeed.

You will learn actionable tips and new strategies to implement across different areas of your business, from managing people, optimizing processes and scaling profit.

If you’re looking to grow your business fast, you will want to put Jobber Professional Development Day on your radar!

Jobber and NiceJob: Coming Together for Your Company

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NiceJob understands the importance of supporting small and local businesses.

NiceJob’s reputation marketing platform provides automation solutions to help companies get customer reviews across Facebook & Google and share those reviews on your own website & social media to increase conversion rates and win more sales.

Motivated by our commitment to help home service businesses get the reputation they deserve, we are sponsoring Jobber Professional Development Day and giving talks to help you grow your business through your current fans—your customers!

Speakers include NiceJob founder Lars Kristensen and NiceJob Community Director Shawn Hill who will teach you how to win more customers and leverage digital marekting to increase your revenue and become the go-to business in your community.

Talk with us to learn how service companies like yours can easily leverage customer reviews to generate more business by using tools like NiceJob’s Engage product—which automatically shares your success stories on your website!

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If you want a sneak peek at the power of Engage, it only takes five minutes to set up.

What to Expect at Jobber Professional Development Day

Learn How to Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

The 2022 Jobber Professional Development Day is a great opportunity for home service business owners to learn how to market themselves and grow their business through real-life examples from industry pros.

More than 20 industry experts will be there to guide you through the latest trends in digital marketing for small business, from how to improve your website to generate more leads and showing up higher on search engines to providing amazing online experiences to get more reviews and scale your company. 

Jobber PD Day Topics

Jobber Professional Development Day will feature expert entrepreneurs and business advisors focusing on several unique topics!

  • Effectively communicate with customers
  • Entrepreneurial strategies
  • Customer driven growth
  • Operational efficiency
  • Automation, systems and training
  • ...and many more!

Covering the full gamut of business categories, you’ll discover all the industry best practices and tips & tricks to scale, improve and grow your business and get more customers, no matter how long you’ve been in business or what your annual revenue is.

What You'll Learn at Jobber Professional Development Day 2022

Anyone who runs a local service business should attend Jobber Professional Development Day so they can learn from the best in the home services industry and feel inspired by successful entrepreneurs and their journeys.

With actionable takeaways for implementing new marketing strategies and motivational stories about what it will take to skyrocket your business to the next level, you really shouldn't have a good reason to not check out Jobber Professional Development Day!

What's Featured at the Jobber Professional Development Day

The online event will feature a keynote speaker and over a dozen sessions for you to learn what it will take to grow your small business.

Who Is the Keynote Speaker at Jobber PD Day and What Will I Learn?

The day will start with a Q&A featuring mega-famous entrepreneur and investor Daymond John of the hit ABC show Shark Tank.

A self-made multimillionaire, four-time bestselling author, motivational speaker and branding guru, Daymond's ready to answer your questions about what it takes to grow a business, what successful strategies he's used himself and how you can change your habits & mindset to work your way to the top.

The rest of the day will involve expert-led sessions about topics ranging from business development, entrepreneurial growth, digital marketing and more—all geared towards home service companies like yours!

What Will I Learn From the Sessions?

Jobber PD Day will feature a series of sessions from some of the world's most successful and well-known influencers in business development and home service growth.

These sessions all reflect the three themes of the event: People, Profit and Process.

How can I better manage my people, improve my leadership qualities and optimize processes to grow profits? These are the questions the day's sessions wil answer for you.

Here are some highlights:

  • Lars Kristensen, Founder of NiceJob, will host the session "How to Repeatedly Win More Customers" that will unveil why traditional marketing channels are dead and how small businesses can focus on leveraging their biggest fans—their customers—to win more sales.
  • Shawn Hill, NiceJob's Community Director, will host a session called "Digital Marketing That Sells" to empower you to engage with your community and your customers to leverage digital marketing channels and take your home service business to new heights.
  • Dan Guest, Kurt Stenberg and Terence Chan will show how to grow your customer list with reviews and referrals by getting more five-star feedback!
  • Katrina Teeple, Timisha Porcher, Ethan Abramson and Zack Jurkowski will sit on a panel about how to improve your digital marketing skills to build an online presence, market your business and get more sales without any cold-calling.
  • Sara Bendrick, owner of Sarita Landscape Designs, television host, author and Stihl spokesperson, will be on hand to pass on the wisdom she's gained as a successful home services business leader and motivational speaker at multiple landscape-renovation shows.
  • And the famous Mike Michalowicz, entrepreneur and best-selling author of Profit First and Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself, will host a session alongside Adrienne Dorison based on their joint project Run Like Clockwork to show attendees how to transform their business into a profit-making machine!

"How to Repeatedly Win More Customers" by Lars Kristensen

How Can I Attend?

Simply register for Jobber PD Day

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to gain new customers from existing ones.
  • What is customer-driven growth?
  • How to improve your reputation.
Photo of Shawn Hill from NiceJob

Featured Speakers

Shawn Hill

Community Director

Daymond John

Celebrity Entrepreneur

Mike Michalowicz

Motivational Speaker
Run Like Clockwork

Sara Bendrick

Sarita Landscape Design

Katrina Teeple

Operation Organization

Kurt Stenberg

Cochrane Tree Care

Dates, Location and Registration

When is Jobber PD Day?

Jobber PD Day will take place virtually February 16 2022, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST

Where is Jobber PD Day?

Jobber PD Day is an online event that is completely FREE to attend from anywhere.

How Do I Register for Jobber PD Day?

You can register on the Jobber PD Day website here.


Do I Have to Be a Jobber Client to Attend?

No! Jobber Professional Development Day is available to anyone for free, whether you use Jobber for your business or not.

Who Is Jobber PD Day For?

Jobber PD Day is an online, one-day event of workshops and speakers to teach owners and operators of small businesses the skills they need to grow their sales, with a focus on local, home service companies—but any business owner or manager will find value in attending the sessions?

Is Jobber PD Day Free?

Yes, there is no cost to attend.

Will Recordings Be Available?

It is recommended to attend the sessions live via your web browser to get the most out of the event. By attending live, you can network with like-minded professionals & influencers and participate in online chats during sessions.

If you are unable to catch any particular sessions live, Jobber will be sending recordings of the majority of the sessions to registered participants after the event; however, some will only be available to (re)watch for a limited time!

What Are the Main Themes of Jobber Professional Development Day?

Jobber PD Day will consist of a full day of online, expert-led sessions and a keynote talk all dedicated to three main themes: People, Profit and Process!

How Can I Access the Event?

After you register for Jobber Professional Development Day 2022, you’ll receive a link via email to use on event day, February 16, 2022. You’ll also get a reminder with this link a few days beforehand.

That’s a wrap! We hope you’re hyped and prepared for the 2022 Jobber Professional Development Day presented by NiceJob so you can now take control of your business, catapult your sales and dominate your region.

And see how easy it is to begin utilizing NiceJob with your existing Jobber account to win more reviews and get the reputation you deserve!