Presented by NiceJob

The 2021 HUGE Convention

Aug. 19th–20th

The HUGE Convention: Complete Attendee Guide by NiceJob

The world's largest business event for window cleaners and pressure washers is finally upon us!

We couldn't contain our excitement about the 2021 HUGE Convention, so we've compiled this free attendee guide for cleaning service professionals looking to get the most out of this huge conference.

We’ll lay out everything you need to know about the 2021 HUGE Convention so you can build your brand, increase sales and scale your local window cleaning and pressure washing company.

Now you can navigate the largest business development event exclusively for window cleaners and pressure washers with confidence to grow your business and “own your neighborhood.”

As a special bonus, attendees who visit NiceJob's booth (#317) will receive a unique offer from NiceJob to help them get more reviews for their cleaning business.

RSVP using the form below and we'll send you a reminder. We'll also automatically qualify you for special savings on NiceJob's review software!

Table of Contents: Your Guide to the 2021 HUGE Convention for Window Cleaners

  1. Overview of the HUGE Convention
  2. The HUGE Convention and NiceJob: Coming Together for Your Window Cleaning Company
  3. What to Expect at the HUGE Convention
  4. Why You Should Attend
  5. Speakers
  6. Dates, Location and Registration
  7. FAQs

Overview of the HUGE Convention

What Is the HUGE Convention?

The 2021 HUGE Convention is a window cleaning and pressure washing convention proudly sponsored by NiceJob to help you scale your local service business to new heights!

Regardless of what stage of growth your window cleaning company is in, the HUGE Convention can teach you the skills and tips & tricks you need to solve your business problems and help you grow.

The HUGE Convention will feature dozens of expert speakers, breakout sessions and a tradeshow across two information-packed days to offer window cleaners and pressure washers actionable insights on how to become the top-rated business in their region!

How Can I Grow My Window Cleaning Company With the HUGE Convention?

If you own a pressure washing or window cleaning business, the HUGE Convention is the marquee event of 2021 to help you take your business to the next level.

The HUGE Convention isn’t any ordinary conference for small businesses. It’s specifically tailored for pressure washing and window cleaning companies, with hands-on lessons from business coaches, entrepreneurs and marketers who have already travelled down the road of scaling cleaning companies and helping small businesses succeed.

If you’re looking for ways to grow your business fast, you will want to put the Huge Convention on your radar!

The HUGE Convention and NiceJob: Coming Together for Your Window Cleaning Company

2021 HUGE Convention logo
NiceJob logo

A quick note about NiceJob and the 2021 HUGE Convention: As a special sponsor of the HUGE Convention, NiceJob values the importance of supporting local companies—especially power washing and window cleaning ones!

NiceJob’s reputation marketing platform provides automation solutions to help companies get more customer reviews across Facebook & Google and share those reviews on your website and social media to increase conversion rates and get more clients.

Motivated by our commitment to help service-based businesses get the reputation they deserve, we’ll be at HUGE Convention to meet with you and help you use reputation marketing to your advantage.

Come talk with us to learn how companies like yours can easily leverage customer reviews to generate more business by using tools like NiceJob’s Engage product—which automatically shares your success stories on your website!

If you want a sneak peek at the power of Engage, check out how you could get it for free. It takes only five minutes to set up and increases online conversion rates by up to 10%.

We’re ready and excited to help you succeed so let us know if you’ll be stopping at HUGE Con! Fill out the form below and we’ll have a special gift for you when you stop by the booth!

What to Expect at the HUGE Convention

Learn How to Grow Your Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Company

The 2021 HUGE Convention is the largest event exclusively for small business owners looking to grow their pressure washing or window cleaning company.

Over 100 professionals, business experts and marketing vendors will be there to share critical information to help you grow your business and dominate your local regions.

HUGE Convention Topics

The HUGE Convention will feature experts from entrepreneurs and business advisors focusing on several unique topics, ranging from business growth and technical application to marketing and sales!

Covering the full gamut of business categories, you’ll discover all the industry best practices and tips & tricks to scale, improve and grow your business and get more clients, no matter how long you’ve been in business or what your annual revenue is.

The HUGE Convention Features:

  • Expert speakers giving keynote talks
  • Special classes on industry topics to help you grow your business
  • Moderated breakout sessions for intimate group discussions on different business topics
  • World-class tradeshow to meet with vendors and cleaning professionals
  • Exclusive offers, giveaways and freebies!

Why You Should Attend

What You'll Learn at the 2021 HUGE Convention

The HUGE Convention will guide local window cleaning companies on how to optimize their operations to scale their business.

With expert speakers ready to reveal their best-kept secrets to save you time and money, the HUGE Convention will enable you to focus on managing your employees and providing high-quality service to customers.

Now you can get more clients fast and truly grow your window cleaning business to become #1 in your city.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The best ways to improve your sales through powerful lead-generation tactics and strategic marketing campaigns.
  • How to streamline hiring and training processes to find the right people, keep your best employees and focus your attention on where it matters most: scaling your pressure washing and window cleaning business.
  • Systems you need to implement today to grow your local service company so you can become the most valued window cleaner in your region.
  • What the most successful home-service entrepreneurs in your industry are doing that have empowered them to take their business to six and seven figures in annual revenue—and how you can replicate this success!

Where You Can Find NiceJob at HUGE (and Other Great Resources!)

So where can you find the most helpful companies and vendors at HUGE Con?

There are so many great resources at HUGE Convention that can help you grow and automate your business—and most of them can be found on the Business Success Row on the tradeshow floor!


The easiest way to get more reviews, referrals and sales. Let your reputation do your marketing for you! 💥

Jill’s Office

A virtual-receptionist company that can serve as the voice, and heart, of your business! 📳


Software that sells your home services—what could be better? Quote quickly, follow up flawlessly and schedule smartly. 🔂

Mr. Pipeline

Digital marketing to help you make sure your website is sales-ready and dominates search-engine rankings. 📈

Automate Grow Sell

Business training, coaching and systems built for the entire home-service industry. Stop by to take your business to the next level. ⏫

Fight Club for Business

Industry experts helping you fight for your home-service business. 👊🏼

Floor map for the 2021 HUGE Convention tradeshow.


The HUGE Convention will feature dozens of talks and breakout sessions from industry experts to help you grow your local window cleaning business.

But with so many options, it begs the question—where to start?

NiceJob's own Shawn Hill is hosting a can't-miss breakout session to teach you about reputation marketing so you can have an unfair advantage over your local competitors with your customer reviews!

"How Many Reviews Do You Need? Reputation Marketing Secrets" by Shawn Hill

How Can I Attend?

Simply register for HUGE Con!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How many reviews you need to succeed
  • What is reputation marketing
  • How to increase sales with customer reviews
Photo of Shawn Hill from NiceJob

Featured Speakers

Shawn Hill

Community Director

Bobby Walker

Total Restoration Team

Ellen Rohr

Business UNcomplicated

Brandon Vaughn

Automate Grow Sell

Curt Kempton


Dates, Location and Registration

When is the HUGE Convention?

The 2021 HUGE Convention is spread out over two jam-packed days, Aug. 19th–20th, 2021, with some pre-event activities also scheduled for Aug. 18th.

Where is the HUGE Convention?

The 2021 HUGE Convention will take place in Atlanta, Georgia at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta.

How Do I Register for the HUGE Convention?

Simply buy your ticket on the HUGE Con website here.


How Do I Book Accommodations for the HUGE Convention?

HUGE Con has secured a block of rooms available to book at the Atlanta Marriot Marquis for attendees traveling from outside the Atlanta area. The hotel block is only valid for days between Aug. 16th and Aug. 23rd.

You're also free to arrange your own accommodations at your discretion.

Can I Register for a Group?

Tickets can be bought individually but you can save 25% with two tickets purchased as a pair or 40% with five tickets purchased together. (Tickets are only available in batches of one, two or five.)

Are There Early-Bird Events at HUGE Convention?

Yes! On Aug. 18th, the day before the "official" launch of HUGE Con, there are several early-bird events:

Registration for all early-bird events is separate from the main registration for HUGE Con.

What Is the Schedule for the 2021 HUGE Convention?

Aug. 18th

  • Early-bird registration
  • Early-bird bootcamps and classes
  • Networking

Aug. 19th

  • Event registration
  • Event kickoff and keynote address
  • Tradeshow
  • Breakout sessions
  • Networking

Aug. 20th

  • Main event and awards
  • Tradeshow
  • Breakout sessions
  • Networking
  • Giveaways

How Can I Contact HUGE Convention?

Simply send them an email at <>.

Where Can I Find NiceJob at the HUGE Convention?

We’ll be in booth 317 on the Business Success Row!

What Can I Learn from NiceJob at the HUGE Convention?

In addition to NiceJob’s sponsorship of the HUGE Convention, our Community Marketing Director Shawn Hill will be moderating a breakout session designed to help you win more sales via reputation marketing.

And don’t forget to check out NiceJob’s Engage tool that you can try for free so you can showcase customer stories directly on your website and start getting more clients for your window cleaning business today!

That’s a wrap! We hope you’re hyped and prepared for the HUGE Convention presented by NiceJob so you can now take control of your business, catapult your sales and dominate your region.