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Remember that company with the terrible customer service? How about the one with the really good service? How companies interact with their clients makes or breaks their reputation. At NiceJob, our goal is to be the world's friendliness company, asking ourselves "would our customer love this" for every decision we make, and then going above and beyond to provide 10 star experiences (ie. more than 5 stars) to make it happen.

Besides helping our customers get the most out of NiceJob by setting up their accounts, helping them strategize, and answering any questions they might have - the Customer Success team creates these exceptional customer experiences. They help customers understand how NiceJob can help them, and then take action towards helping them achieve those benefits. In this role, you get to feel good about helping people directly every single day.

Since January 2018, NiceJob has helped over 4,000 small businesses and quadrupled our revenue.

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Perks & Benefits

Why work in Customer Success at NiceJob

Customers Want to Talk with You

We’re not just here for support, we actively advise users.

Daily Huddles & Mentorship

Start your day off right, continuously improving.

You’re Supported by Tech

Smart customer retention & upsell emails based on user data.

Become an Expert

You’ll learn tons about tech without having to know how to code.

We Automate Support

Automated messages & auto-suggested help articles.

Regular Hours

Work only during business hours, instead of available all the time.

Creative License

Actively improve our systems, not just answer questions.

Influence Product Direction

Be the customer champion in relaying feedback and ideas to our product teams.

Time-saving Tools

Saved replies, help articles, and Fred, our AI support bot!

"Being in Customer Success means I get to help amazing small business owners and entrepreneurs get the most of NiceJob and better their business. I'll never get tired of users saying they had no idea that their customers loved them so much when they start getting new reviews."

— Jo Owen, Customer Success Specialist

Our Department Philosophy

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“Will the Customer Love This?”

We ask this question about everything, and if the answer is “no”, we don’t do it. We fight for the customer’s needs first, and ensure other departments understand what’s important to our biggest investors - our users.

Building the World’s Friendliest Brand

Our goal is to build mutually beneficial relationships that grow over time. We interact with our users over social networks, make them feel special, and go above and beyond to try and provide a 10 star experience.

Continual improvement of systems

We’re always looking to make things more efficient, effective, and a great experience for our customers. Taking the extra time to either create a saved reply, write a help article, train a support bot, or identify the product pain point and push for its resolution will be a much better long term solution.

Being Product Experts.

Our success methodology revolves around us being seen as product experts and thought leaders. Our users trust us to give them the best advice for their business.

Keep it simple. Keep it fun.

We don’t use jargon, we don’t overcomplicate. We take technical concepts and explain them to the everyday user in a way they’ll understand. We use GIFs and Emojis to express ourself and engage our users.

Flat team structure

Nothing is below anyone. You won’t hear “that’s not my job”. You’ll be given direction when you need it, and freedom when you want it. We hate bureaucracies and hierarchies.

Our Stack



Call Center


User Groups


User groups




Messaging API






Partner Chat


Customer Chat

"With my background in Hospitality, delighting people has always been my passion, and NiceJob makes that easy! Knowing how much NiceJob helps our users makes it very satisfying to help people get the most out of it 😎"

— Joel Pike, Customer Success Manager

What we're working on & what you'll learn

Who our customers are

Presently 95% of our users are in the home services industry, such as home cleaning (e.g. Window Cleaning), general contractors (e.g. HVAC), and home design (e.g. Landscapers). They are generally small to medium sized businesses, meaning most of the time you'll be talking directly with the owner, which results in shorter and easier responses. No more navigating bureaucracy - if you can help them, you will.

What our goals are and how we’re achieving them

Retention: Identifying user pain points and eliminating them. Actively engaging users to ensure they are getting the most out of the product.

Growth Opportunities: Understanding what makes a business grow and where we can help. Selling a new product only when it’s a good idea for the customer.

Customer Advocacy: Helping customers share their experiences with NiceJob through our own review sites, or getting into the NiceJob partnership program.

User Community: Engaging customers in our Facebook groups, sharing about NiceJob and any relevant industry updates.

What you’ll learn

On the Customer Success team at NiceJob you’ll learn tons! It’s a great way to either start or propel your career forward by having both autonomy to build a scalable Customer Success system, and feedback to improve your own knowledge and abilities.

You’ll become proficient in modern day tools used by leading modern businesses, such as Zapier and Intercom.

You’ll receive professional Customer Success training in things such as what a dunning call is or how to automate business processes, as well as what effective customer engagement looks like, and how to translate customer needs into product feedback.

Your ability to efficiently identify and solve almost any customer problem through innovative solutions, data, or by working with engineering will improve dramatically.

You’ll become an industry expert in both SaaS and technology, learning about the broader technology ecosystem, digital marketing and SEO, and how companies scale to grow beyond the mom/pop stage using technology.

And much more!

At NiceJob, your professional development will be nurtured, you will make connections with people in-office and around the world!

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Things you should know

How to get a job in success:

Have previous experience in customer service.

Love talking to people over the phone.

Have a passion for helping people.

Have an investment in the long-term success of the team and our systems.

Be excellent at finding solutions to problems you don’t know the answers to.

Be a very fast learner, who wants to be a product expert.

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