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At NiceJob sales isn't a dirty word (though we call it relationships because it is to others). If you're on the phone with someone, who you otherwise will never talk to again, what is the nicest thing you can do for them in that moment? The answer is to sell them something that will genuinely help them. If you're passionate about NiceJob's product, and you want to help people, while helping grow the company, this is for you.

The relationship team’s role at NiceJob is to help leads understand how NiceJob can help them, and getting them to take action towards achieving those benefits.

Since January 2018, NiceJob has sold nearly 2 million dollars in annual recurring revenue, quadrupling our revenue from the previous year.

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Perks & Benefits

Why work in Sales at NiceJob

Inbound Leads

Every call you make will already be warm.

Lead Scoring

Our analytics predict your easiest sales.

Automated Workflows

You’ll always know who to follow-up with next.

Daily Huddles & Mentorship

Start your day off right. Continually improve.

Drip Campaigns

Automated emails to keep you dialing.

Trial to Paid Rate

35% of our users convert. Our product sells itself.

Dynamic retargeting

Leads get ads tailored to your engagement with them.

Sales toolkit

Tons of testimonials, case studies, and more to help you sell.

"Being a part of the NiceJob sales team has been great. They have given me all the tools I need to be successful, and the culture as a whole is incredible. I love the fact that even though I work remotely, I have been able to become part of the team through video calls and meetings."

— Anthony Bautista, Relationship Specialist

Our Department Philosophy

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Sales = Love

We believe that if you’re on the phone with someone you may never speak to again, the nicest thing you can do for them is to try and sell them something that will help them. If we act in the service of others, the money will follow.

People over profit

Our goal is not to try and take someone’s money. That’s a very selfish and narrow minded approach. Instead, our goal is to build mutually beneficial relationships that grow over time.

Always be calling

We believe that 75% of the day should be spent calling. The rest of it should be emails or other messaging, such as on linkedin. If we’re not on the phone talking with leads, we’re not helping anyone.

Probing, not pushing

Our sales methodology revolves around us being seen as product experts and thought leaders. Instead of trying to prove, we ask probing questions and then, again using questions, help them see how/if NiceJob can solve their problems.

Hunting, not farming

People are busy, and while we do create inbound leads, we must be proactive about following up with them so they don’t miss out on something great. Our customer success team handles the farming, so we focus on new business.

Collaborative, not Cutthroat

We don’t compete with our teammates, we compete with our competitors. Instead, we help each other succeed by sharing tips and tricks, and helping in any way we can. Our leaderboard only shows competition on productivity, not sales.

Our Stack



Social Selling


Personality Analysis


Call Center


Social Selling


Mass Prospecting




Email Search


Customer Chat



What we're working on & what you'll learn

How we get leads

Right now our main sources of leads come from several channels. Our hottest leads (and biggest priority), are those from our integration partners referral program and events we attend, such as trade show vendor fairs. These leads are extremely likely to buy if we can get them signed up.

We also generate leads from our content marketing (blog, newsletter, mass email prospecting, social media, etc), and digital advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Ads, Twitter, Quora, and Reddit).

Our marketing is all inbound, so the relationships team will rarely, if ever, be calling or meeting a lead that hasn’t heard of or engaged with us before.

This means more sales in your pocket.

Who our leads are

Presently 95% of our users are in the home services industry, such as home cleaning (e.g. Window Cleaning), general contractors (e.g. HVAC), and home design (e.g. Landscapers). They are generally small to medium sized businesses, meaning most of the time you'll be talking directly with the owner, which results in a shorter sales cycle for you. No more navigating bureaucracy - if you can close them, you will.

What you’ll learn

On the relationships team at NiceJob you’ll learn tons. It’s a great way to either start or propel your career forward by having both autonomy to perform (with no commission caps), and the feedback to improve.

You’ll become proficient in modern day tools used by leading modern businesses, such as Hubspot and Intercom.

You’ll receive professional sales training in terminology, such as what the difference between a SQL and a MQL are, what an effective sales process looks like, the best ways to structure discovery calls, and how to use data to help you sell.

Your ability to personally sell anything will improve through coaching designed to enhance your ability to use techniques such as mimicry, primacy/recency, and how to overcome objections in sales calls.

You’ll become an industry expert in both SaaS and technology sales, learning about the broader technology ecosystem, digital marketing and SEO, and how companies scale to grow beyond the mom/pop stage using technology.

At NiceJob, your professional development will be nurtured, and your sales (here or in whatever role follows) will skyrocket.

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Things you should know

How to get a job in sales

You should be at least somewhat familiar with Hubspot or comparable CRMs.

You should understand basic sales techniques, such as asking leading questions instead of presenting.

You should have some experience selling, even if not in an official capacity.

You should be a very fast learner, who wants to be a product expert.

You should be able to build rapport with anyone, and be a natural leader and conversationalist.

You should be resilient, not letting rejection push you down.

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