Product Management & Design at NiceJob

Product Management and Design defines our company's direction, designing solutions that genuinely enrich people's lives and help them (and ourselves) get the reputation they deserve.

In practice, this means they design our products, conduct user research, and create visual assets for marketing and other departments.

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Perks & Benefits

Why work in Product & Design at NiceJob

You Won't be Designing Buttons

Unlike working in large companies, your projects will have impact.

A Product People Love

Build something people actually like. Just read our reviews.

Learn from Experts

Our small team has a combined +40yrs experience in products.

Your Vision, Made Real

As the one designing solutions, you drive the product direction.

Test Your Assumptions

See all the data on how people interact with your designs and products.

It's Just Fun

We're doing things that have never been done before, and it's exciting!

"Working on the Convert product is really quite exciting! It is a joy to be a part of something that helps someone. And to learn how we can better the product for our customers from the data and results that we see is very special! 🙂"

— Chloe Corking, Convert Web Strategist

Our Department Philosophy

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Fun and Creativity

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we’re not afraid to fail, and you won’t be punished if you do. We believe in taking chances, experimenting, and loving the journey as much as the destination.

Data-Informed Decisions

We always start with a minimal viable product in order to validate our assumptions, before iterating further. We like to move fast and break things, but we’re not reckless.

A Relentless pursuit of simplicity

The easiest solution to any problem is almost always a complicated one. Over time this creates technical debt, and slows innovation to a halt. By staying lean, we will be able to innovate and grow faster than competitors.

An Interesting Challenge

Our platform touches all major touchpoints customers have within a business. This means the logic and work we do, and the data we collect, is not only challenging, but fascinating as well. Your potential to build cool products here is enormous.

Flat team structure

Everyone’s voice is valued and heard at NiceJob. You’ll be given direction when you need it, and freedom when you want it. We hate bureaucracies and hierarchies.

A Launchpad for your ideas

As the conduit between customers and engineering, you’ll get to translate feedback into innovative solutions. With our architecture, your ideas can go to market far faster at NiceJob than elsewhere, and with near infinite scalability.

Our Stack







Web Design







Knowing that the work that you do is going to help someone else in return is one of the things I enjoy so much about my role in Convert. We see data coming in from Convert sites and know that it is helping businesses! Working alongside a team of people who simply want to help others in the job that they do is wonderful.

— Chloe Corking, Convert Web Strategist

What we're working on & what you'll learn

How the team is structured

Convert Websites: The convert team builds our Convert websites for clients. Every day they're conducting user research on behalf of our clients, and taking that data to design websites that transform the small businesses we serve. It's not uncommon for us to get reviews of our product saying their call and lead traffic has tripled just from the work our Convert Website team has done. It is an incredibly rewarding and satisfying role to have.

Design: Broadly speaking the designer works primarily on the front-end product UI and UX design to be delivered to our engineering team to be developed. Besides that they will regularly assist other departments with any visual assets as needed. This role is a true generalist, but with a focus towards product.

Product Management: Product managers conduct quantitative and qualitative research to gather data, and then ideate on new possible solutions and systems that could be build to solve problems we identify. While they do not do visual design, they design processes and systems, build wire-frames, and define business requirements for engineering.

What you’ll learn

On the product and design team at NiceJob you will be challenged, learning more than you ever have before. We are operating on some of the most advanced technology commercially available - making the design possibilities endless. This means we are pioneering the next generation of marketing technology. We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey.

You’ll become proficient in modern day tools used by leading businesses, such as Webflow and Invision.

Your ability to efficiently identify and solve almost any problem through design will improve dramatically.

You will learn what makes an effective product, experiencing firsthand how your decisions impact results.

And much more!

At NiceJob, your professional development will be nurtured, and your product and design abilities will be pushed to their limits to grow beyond your expectations.

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Things you should know

How to get a job in Product at NiceJob

You should have previously designed or built products in the past.

You should understand how to translate feedback into business decisions.

You should understand modern design principles and have an eye for aesthetics and UX.

You should understand effective customer research methods and be able to translate results to design decisions.

You should be able to communicate your ideas clearly, and concisely.

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