Marketing at NiceJob

The Marketing team’s role at NiceJob is to bring NiceJob to market, and communicate the value our product provides. We're on a mission to help people get the reputation they deserve, but to get there, we need to get the reputation we deserve.

The Marketing team is important because without them, NiceJob can’t grow, which means small businesses wouldn't get to benefit from the incredible product we’re creating for them.

Since January 2018, NiceJob’s Marketing team has helped thousands of small businesses connect with NiceJob to learn about how we can help them, quadrupling both web traffic and sales. Marketing’s goal is to generate leads for our Relationship and Customer Success departments.

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Perks & Benefits

Why work in Marketing at NiceJob

Pick your Projects

We’ll give you freedom when you want it, and direction when you need it.

Challenge & Learning

We’re taking a new product to market. It’s not easy, but it is rewarding.

Job Variety

Work across multiple functions and channels, both digital and traditional.

Fun & Creative

See your visions and systems come to fruition, supported by the team.

Test your own assumptions

Our analytics will tell you what works and what doesn’t.

Set your own KPIs

As pioneers there are few benchmarks, so you’ll get to define them.

"My favourite thing is walking away knowing that we are helping small businesses succeed and getting to be part of a driven community of entrepreneurs. It's pretty rad."

— Devyn Perryman, Content Marketing Manager

Our Department Philosophy

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Pursue low hanging fruit

We’re growth hacking our way to success by identifying the easiest wins now, thinking differently, and doing things that don’t scale, in order to get to the things we want.

Communal, not condescending

We may be product experts, but our customers know their industries better than we do. Instead of telling them what they should do, we’ve made NiceJob’s content into a platform to empower them to share with others.

Keep it simple, keep it fun

We don’t use jargon, we don’t overcomplicate. We take technical concepts and explain them to the everyday user in a way they’ll understand. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we’re not afraid to fail, and you won’t be punished if you do.

Data-informed decisions

We A/B test everything we can, and always start with a minimal viable product in order to validate our assumptions, before iterating further and automating. We like to move fast and break things, but we’re not reckless.

A relentless pursuit of simplicity

The easiest solution to any problem is almost always a complicated one. Over time this creates technical debt, and slows innovation to a halt. By staying lean, we will be able to innovate and grow faster than competitors.

Flat team structure

Nobody is below anyone. You won’t hear “that’s not my job”. You’ll be given direction when you need it, and freedom when you want it. We hate bureaucracies and hierarchies.

Our Stack



Ringless Voicemail


Partner Program




Blogging Platform


Financial Analytics
Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Web Analytics
Linkedin Sales Pro

Linkedin Sales Pro

Prospect Research


Social Selling


Email Marketing







"I consider myself lucky to be developing and leading NiceJob's partnership programs as a part of the Marketing Team. Everyday I get to work alongside smart, fun and caring people who are all striving to make this company the best it can be by providing our customers and partners with an outstanding experience."

— Curtis Davey, Partnerships Manager

What we're working on & what you'll learn

Who our customers are

Presently 95% of our users are in the home services industry, such as home cleaning (e.g. Window Cleaning), general contractors (e.g. HVAC), and home design (e.g. Landscapers). They are generally small to medium sized businesses, meaning most of the time you'll be talking directly to or with the owner, which results in really great content and a very targeted niche approach.

How our marketing department is structured

Analytics and Advertising: Providing data & insight to other teams, and the ongoing optimization of dynamic retargeting based on customers’ interactions with us, along with what stage of the buyer journey they’re in. Channels include: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Ads, Capterra, and G2 Crowd.

Content Marketing: Social Media, Blog & SEO, email marketing (e.g. Newsletter), general copywriting (e.g. landing pages), creative for advertising, working with influencers to solicit user-generated content.

Partnerships: Generating new partnerships (integrations with other software companies, and working with resellers and affiliate), and activating existing ones.

Community Marketing: Proactive social media engagement, podcasts, sponsorships and getting featured, media relations, vanity awards, event marketing, grassroots 1-to-many sales (e.g. webinars, live streams), CSR (non-profit engagement)

All of these teams work together to accomplish 5 goals for marketing:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Affinity
  • Web Traffic
  • New Partners
  • New Qualified Leads

The purpose of all of this however is to generate sales for NiceJob.

What you’ll learn

On the marketing team at NiceJob you’ll learn tons! It’s a great way to either start or propel your career forward by having both autonomy to build a scalable and automated marketing system, and the direction and feedback to improve your own knowledge and abilities.

You’ll become proficient in modern day tools used by leading businesses, such as Zapier and Google Analytics.

You’ll be trained and learn how Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams work together to form an effective growth organization, and what the drivers of growth are for success SaaS companies.

Your ability to efficiently solve problems and inefficiencies through innovative solutions, data, and by A/B testing will improve significantly.

You’ll become an industry expert in both SaaS and technology, learning about the broader technology ecosystem, digital marketing and SEO, and how companies scale and grow beyond the mom/pop stage using technology.

And much more!

At NiceJob, your professional development will be nurtured. You will make connections with people in-office and around the world!

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Things you should know

How to get a job in Marketing:

Have a plan - know the goal you’re trying to achieve and tell us how you’ll get there. We want to know how you will specifically drive leads for the company.

Be curious, thoughtful, with a keen understanding of human feelings and behaviour.

Have a passion for helping people, understand basic marketing principles.

Don't be adverse to selling or doing things that don’t scale (ie. execution over ideation).

Be someone who can move fast and execute quickly, and then analyze the results. Your mentality should be around short quick tests that drive results through iteration and adaptation.

Be excellent at digging deep into problems you don’t know the answers to.

You should be a very fast learner, who reads constantly and applies what they learn.

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