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Have you ever been stuck at a company where you didn't feel valued, the culture made it hard to make friends, and your work didn't matter or wasn't challenging? It sucks. That's what the people and experience team is here to prevent.

Unlike the rest of the team, the people and experience team at NiceJob doesn't serve our customers, they serve our employees. Their role is to make NiceJob a kickass place to work, and to find the right people to make sure it continues to grow.

Since January 2018, NiceJob's gone from 2 employees to 18 (as of August 2019), processed over 5,000 job applicants, and has been featured as one of the fastest growing tech companies in BC by multiple sources.

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Perks & Benefits

Why work in People & Experience at NiceJob


You’ll know what the company needs, but you’ll choose how to achieve it.

See your impact

See firsthand how your work shapes how the team grows and changes.

Beyond admin work

You’ll be doing impactful and creative work, not paperwork.

It's fun

Your job is literally "fun" - you get to plan & run socials.

No red tape

Unlike larger companies, your ideas will actually be implemented here.

Define culture & co.

You get to decide who we hire, who our company is, and shape the culture.

Everyone will love you

You’ll be why they got hired, and they’ll know you’re there to support them.

Learn about everything

You’ll learn about every aspect of the business and work with every team.

Grow with the company

You’ll learn firsthand how P&E needs change as a company grows.

"The most rewarding thing is planning team events and seeing how it brings everyone closer together, creating a sense of belonging within NiceJob!"

— Shonnah Hoy, People & Experience Specialist

Our Department Philosophy

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Hell Yes, or No

If a candidate isn’t a "hell yes", it's a no to hiring them. We don’t hire people we wouldn’t work for ourselves, and we closely guard our culture, never sacrificing it for a short term gain in staff.

Uncover Talent

We aim to seek out the best person no one’s ever heard of and  empower them to be the best versions of themselves. We look for energy, mental horsepower, and integrity to identify this.

People, not Resources

We don’t call it human resources because we don’t treat people like resources. We take the time to actively consider our staff’s happiness in every decision, and go out of our way to make them feel cared for.

Data Informed

We collect data on staff to identify preferences, pain points, and procedural inefficiencies. We treat concerns seriously, and act swiftly to fix issues.

Culture Add, not Fit

While we guard our culture and core values, we recognize that culture fit can create an echo chamber and ward away great talent. We avoid this by identifying and mitigating biases in our hiring process through a variety of techniques.

Build Community

People spend most of their lives at work, so we should probably enjoy it. We try to make work fun for staff, and we champion our culture internally so that new staff don’t just become colleagues, but friends as well.

Our Stack



Great West Life

Great West Life



Employer Branding & Head Hunting


Employer Branding


Employee Morale





What we're working on & what you'll learn

How we get candidates, and keep employees

Right now our main sources of candidates come from several channels. Every job we post is syndicated across +50 different job boards automatically, shared by most major university and business school career centers across Canada to their students, and sometimes promoted via paid advertising. We also proactively reach out to potential candidates via Angel.co and Linkedin, share jobs across multiple social media groups and pages, and work with a recruitment firm to source candidates. We attend career fairs, networking events, and write content such as this page and blog posts to be found by active job seekers. Most of our candidate sourcing is inbound.

To keep employees happy we regularly run team socials, such as events or theme days, we celebrate birthdays and milestones as a team, as we survey employees on their happiness, preferences, and other data we use to make their work lives better.

What you’ll learn

On the People & Experience team at NiceJob you’ll learn tons. It’s a great way to either start or propel your career forward by having autonomy to make decisions and see the impact of your work, while being given the feedback to improve.

You’ll become proficient in modern day tools used by leading businesses, such as Breezy and Angel.co.

You’ll receive professional recruitment training in things such as what sort of candidates work best in which positions, how to identify people risks, or what an effective organizational culture looks like.

You’ll learn about every different department, what makes them tick, management techniques to make people happier, more productive, and stay longer.

Your ability to interview people will improve through coaching designed to enhance your ability to use techniques such as putting candidates at ease, asking the right questions, and how to get candidates excited about the role.

You’ll become an industry expert in People & Experience functions within the SaaS and technology industry, learning about the broader technology ecosystem, digital marketing and SEO, as well as how startups achieve the acquisition of incredible talent at every level.

And much more!

At NiceJob, your professional development will be nurtured, and you will gain a multitude of experience you’d rarely find at a large company.

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Things you should know

How to get a job in people and experience

You should have some experience in recruiting, even if not in a professional capacity.

You should understand why people leave jobs and what makes people stay.

You should be curious, be very good at reading people, and be good at putting people at ease.

You should be fun, and love organizing and directing people towards fun events or learning opportunities.

You should have a passion for people.

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