Nicer than your last job

Let's be real. You wouldn't be looking at this page if you were completely satisfied with your previous or current role. Meta? Maybe. True? You bet. Here’s why.

Want impactful work?

We’re passionate about affecting social change.
That’s why we build software that ensures the great work small businesses do never goes unrecognized, unappreciated or unrewarded.
Our mission is to help great companies get the reputation they deserve, and so far, we’re proud to have helped over 4,000 small businesses do just that.
Joel and Devyn

Want excitement?

We're growing fast! In two years NiceJob has gone from a scrappy Vancouver tech startup to skyrocketed annual recurring revenue to $1.8 million, grown to 22 employees (up from 2 in Jan. 2018), and moved through two downtown Vancouver offices.
We were also featured on the 2019 “Ready to Rocket” list of the fastest growing tech companies in British Columbia, and came in second (top 2) in the 2019 New Ventures BC Competition, out of over 200 other selected contestants.
We’ve done all this without any outside funding. We’ve grown entirely from our own sales.

Want great perks and an even greater culture?
You get the point.

So. Many. Perks.
(bet that perked you up)

The Lifestyle You've Always Wanted
You'll own your work, and will earn a highly competitive and rapidly increasing salary. As we grow, so too does your impact and significance. Entrepreneurship is sexy.
Reach Your Full Potential
You'll learn and grow with others from top universities and brilliant self-taught learners in a culture of mentorship. We don't stifle creativity. At NiceJob, you will make an impact.
Be Respected, Be Recognized
Pick your own projects; your ideas will shine here; we hate hierarchies and bureaucracy. You'll be on a fast track to senior roles, and will be important from day one.
Instant Belonging & Community
Everyone we hire fits our values of wanting to be inclusive, supportive, and your friend. We do fun things as a team, and focus on helping people over profit. You'll even get to decide who to work with as we grow.
Safe & Secure
You’ll have job security and stability, and a great benefits package: 80-100% coverage with no premiums on dental, vision, extended medical, prescription drugs, and life insurance!
Flexible Work-Life Balance
Work on your own time from home in your PJ’s or in our swanky Gastown office, your choice! Need time off? We got you covered. YOU choose how and when you work.
Konrad and Joel
Konrad and Devyn
NiceJob team dinner
👑"You will be a key player from day one.
At NiceJob, you're improving peoples' lives every day for the better."
Tsavo Neal, NiceJob Website Specialist |  Glassdoor

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Tsavo Neal, Convert Product Manager

The values we value.

Read our 16 page culture outline

Responsibility and service to others in the most ethical and impactful way we can.
Vibrant Community
Fostering friendships, diversity, and a balanced lifestyle between work and play.
Humble Leadership
Not thinking less of ourselves, rather, thinking of ourselves less, while taking initiative.
Data-Driven Magic
Being bold, taking risks and using data to create magical experiences for our customers.
Dedy, Josua and family at Dedy's wedding
Lars and KarenNikki, Customer Success Specialist
Connor J. Wilson, Director of Growth
😍"I love working at NiceJob.
It's one of those jobs where you actually get energized instead of drained from working." 
Connor J. Wilson, Director of Growth | Facebook (NiceJob Careers reviews)

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Our team. Your mates.

Don’t we look fun?
(more pictures at the bottom)

Leslie Mu

Product Designer

Connor J. Wilson

Founding Team, VP of Growth
Myers-Briggs nerd

Dedy Cds

Backend Developer
Hotfix hero

Andrew Lake

Principal Engineer
Best hair in the office

Joel Pike

Customer Success Director
Board game enthusiast

Devyn Perryman

Content Marketing Director
President of the Soda Club

Chloe Corking

Convert Web Strategist
Smiles a lot

Lars Kristensen

Bacon connoisseur

Daniel Gutierrez

Relationships Manager
Professional salsa dancer

Konrad Izykowski

Senior Backend Engineer III
Will attempt to make you laugh

Curtis Davey

Partnerships Manager
Data geek & people person

Sarah Calascione

Product Leader
Able seaman

Shawn Hill

Community Marketing Director
Kind of a sports fan

Nash Taylor

ML Software Engineer

Kevin Elliott

Digital Marketing Leader
Project go-getter

Iyk Azorji

Full Stack Developer
Night owl

Tanner Smith

Relationships Specialist
Industriously easy going

Jesse Sadja

Activations Specialist
Mario Kart Grand Prix Champion

Joel Kerfoot

Junior Software Engineer
Literally spends time in the clouds

Ghazal Mahinsa

Activations Leader
Coffee Master

Eric Leong

Senior Frontend Developer
Be water my friend

Steve Nield

Engineering Director
On it like a car bonnet

Emmanuelle Raymond

Convert Web Strategist
Got an eye for beauty

Alastair Day

Customer Success Specialist
Burger-consumption expert

Frank Lamothe

Convert Web Strategist
Alaskan Malamute fan

Laura Garcia

Content Marketing Intern
Bubble Tea? Yes please!

Desmond Byram

Account Success Manager
Audiobook enthusiast

Fayez Rawas

Activations Specialist
Bird-watching aficionado

Yasmin Elbatish

Partnerships Coordinator
Loves archery

Anna Gaber

Email Marketing Specialist
Injera lover

Anthea Liu

Customer Success Specialist
Sushi Connoisseur

Claudia Provencher

Relationships Specialist
Documentary and chill anyone??

Kaitlyn Hammack

Community Marketing Specialist
Theme park enthusiast

Emma Friedenstab

Product Leader
Yoga Teacher

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Tsavo and Shonnah
Connor in New York City
Joel on the couch at NiceJob
Silly hat day

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